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How to Play Teen Patti Sequence: A Teen Patti Guide For Beginners

Teen Patti is a wager card game that includes the use of 52 cards. The game developed in India and has become popular all around the Middle East and South Asia as well. Originally played in England, it is derived from the three-card brag and has also been influenced by Poker.

Also known as flush or flash in some regions, Teen Patti is played with a 52-card deck without jokers by three to six players. If you develop a liking for the game, or wish to eventually play for real money but don't know how to play, go through this little teen patti guide and find the answers to your questions!

How to Play Teen Patti as a Beginner?

3 or 6 players usually play Teen Patti at a time. What you need to do in the beginning is place a bet. Normally, an amount is decided as a betting amount that players are willing to pay at the end of the game. After that, three face-down cards are distributed, and the game begins in the following sequence:

  • The player with the highest draw is given the honour of making a deal first.
  • The next turn will be given to the next player from the dealer in clockwise direction, and the game continues in the following manner.
  • A charge is demanded from every player to increase the stake amount and to set a money pot over which the players play over.
  • The player at the dealer's left gets the opportunity to play blind or view cards. If he selects to play blind, he can raise the stake to double. Whereas in the case of viewing cards, he can raise the stake by four times.
  • Slowly, the cash amount starts to grow, and at last, the player who stays till the game's completion and has the best sequence of cards is declared the winner.

Note: Although Teen Patti is similar to Poker, the betting in Teen Patti is not similar to Poker. In Teen Patti, all the bets are placed in equal amounts, i.e., once a player makes a bet of two coins. In comparison, if another player places four coins, the previous player must place four more instead of just two more to his earlier two coins.

What Are the Rules of Teen Patti?

Teen Patti rules are fairly similar to Poker. The only point that differentiates them is that instead of five cards, you will be playing with three cards in Teen Patti.

Have a look at all the Teen Patti sequences you can make:

Rule 1: Trail or set

When you get a hand that is a trail or set, you have three of a kind. This hand also goes by trio and counts as the highest sequence in Teen Patti. In the trio set, three aces, i.e., A-A-A, are counted as the highest while three twos, i.e., 2-2-2, are the lowest.

Rule 2: Pure sequence

A pure sequence is a direct flush that comprises three consecutive cards in the same suit. The worst pure Teen Patti sequence is 4-3-2, and the foremost is A-K-Q. All suits have the same value, so it doesn't matter which suit you have as long as they are all the same.

Rule 3: Sequence

A sequence is a linear order and works similarly to a pure sequence, but you don't need to have the same suit. If the cards are in continuous order, it includes a sequence. For instance, A-2-3 or K-Q-J of a spade, heart, and diamond.

Rule 4: Color

Teen Patti can also be won by the colour rule when you have an order with cards of the same suit. Not any suit is stronger than one more, so you never have to pick one suit over another. For instance, A-K-K of hearts or 9-4-3 of spades.

Rule 5: Pair

A pair in Teen Patti is when you have two cards with the same value. Between two pairs, the one having the highest value is the winner. Two aces are the best, while a pair of twos' is the worst. The kicker's card will determine the winner if the pairs have the same value. For instance, A-A-9 or 5-5-J.

Rule 6: High card

A high card is what it sounds like, just a high card. In this sequence, the three cards are not in any order, neither of the same suit order nor of any two same value cards series. For example, A-9-4 with two diamonds and one spade.

The next highest card will determine the winner if two players have a similar high card. Since it isn't a sequence, it is the worst sequence you can have. If you only have a high card, it is often better to pack.

How to Decide a Winner in Case of the Same Teen Patti Sequence?

Sometimes two or more players get the same sequences. In such cases, what determines the winner is how the sequences are ordered in value.

  1. The card that always gets the priority in comparing sequences is the ace. Hence, the order begins from the ace and then goes down as usual. For example, in A-A-6 vs. A-A-J, the player with the J card wins the game. It is because the value of the J card is more than 6.

  1. If the players have the same sequence as someone else, the winner will have the highest value sequence. For instance, if two players have cards in order 10-9-8 and 9-8-7, the player with the Teen Patti sequence starting with 10 has a higher value and is called a winner.


Players who like to play real money teen patti sites or those who are just starting, should go through Teen Patti guides and brush up their knowledge before playing online: it helps with better decision making and improves the strategies players come up with.  You can play at top-notch online casinos where you can engage in immersive gaming and earn real money. Read the latest reviews and ratings of sites that host games like Teen Patti, and have a smooth and efficient gaming session anywhere, anytime.

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