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Our HR services are our specialty.

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Human Resources Solutions: Staffing Agencies, HR Recruitment Agencies, HR & Recruitment Services, HR Service Providers

Recruitment Agencies: Employment Services, Hiring Agencies, Placement Agencies, Online Recruitment Agencies, Domestic Placement Service Providers, Temporary Staffing Services 

We are the pioneers of organized recruitment in India at Tech Brief Stuff Consultants. With a background in management consulting, we bring a unique perspective to recruitment.

Client Testimonials

Our relationship with Tech Brief Stuff dates back more than a decade and a half. A key strength of this relationship has been TBS's ability to gain contextual insights on the business and cultural environment at Digibirds and provide the best talent fit across varied and diverse requirements.

Sumit Singh | Executive Director | Digibirds

Tech Brief Stuff Consultants understand your business context, the role requirements, and the specific requirements of your job. Furthermore, their national presence, hands-on approach, and internal process rigor ensure accurate screening and shortlisting of candidates. Search results have been quick and precise to the organization's requirements. 

Harsh | Chief Human Resource Officer | UC Developer

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