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Tech brief stuff always welcome for those people who wants to apply for Guest Post and Infographic Post. Before apply to Guest post and Infographic post first need to read the term and condition of TBS. Tech Brief Stuff also provides Premium Guest Posting Service.

TBS invite you, Before contact our team carefully reads all mentioned guidelines, then share with us piece of content. All applications have reviewed regularly by staff and once an application has accepted, then our staff will send an Introductory mail Email within 24 hours. You can contact us anytime by following Managing Editor: Vaibhav Bagga.

Contribution Guidelines:
  • Content must be unique and approximately 500 words and use relevant videos and images which help to make better the overall experience of our community.
  • Share original content which is not be published anywhere on the web except Tech Brief Stuff 
  • Share relevant topic according to the TBS theme.
  • You can share with us a latest news about the technology, which is popular in the world. Our team will coordinate with you ASAP and publish on the same day. For this when you type mail then needs to make the subject of mail “Latest News”.
  • We don't allow duplicate stuffs.

Linking Guidelines:

  • Only 1 link allow. You need to use phrase anchor text not exact match keywords. We don't allow repeated same anchor text or same keywords
Links Allow:
  • Relevant  tutorial and posts.
  • Any kind of the informative resources from where audiences can get the full knowledge about the topic.
Links Don't Allow:
  • Don't allow affiliate.
  • Promotional links don't allow, for example contact us, product, company etc.
Don’t ping us for link building purpose. If our staff find, you are making relationship with us for links building purpose or for yourself premonition, then out staff member will remove your all submitted posts from TBS.
If our team members find any kind of stuff which you’re submitting for a publishing and which link you add and it is not perfect for us then it would be sponsored post.

Guidelines for Infographic:

1. Share Snackable Content approximately 100 words. Provide meaningful knowledge.
2. Attach the Infographic along with the title along with high pixel quality of image
3. Only allow single link.
Share reference link incase if you share infographic which has been already published Don't share ,any company homepage.

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