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How to Get the Time-Lost Proto-Drake Mount in WoW Classic WotLK

The Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake are, as any veteran of the original World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King will attest, one of the most coveted artifacts in the entire expansion. In the past, gamers would spend weeks of game time traveling over the Storm Peaks on their flying rides in the hopes of snagging this extremely rare mount.

Although players in Wrath Classic are still putting in the time and effort required to unlock the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, they now have access to information and tools that make it extremely likely that only the most skilled of them will ever be able to take possession of this rare mount. To successfully acquire this rare Proto-Drake, this manual will provide you with all the details you need. But be forewarned that getting this mount is a long and arduous process that only the most dedicated gamers can complete.

Install SilverDragon - Rare Scanner

The process of protecting your Time-Lost Proto Drake begins outside of the game itself. Though the Time-Lost Proto-Drake might have been located in the base game of Wrath without any mods, this is now an extremely unlikely occurrence. Seeing that the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is the only epic mount drop obtainable in the open world and outside of dungeons, players of all types compete for it. You won't stand a chance against the mob if any of the other players there are using uncommon scanner add-ons. Therefore, if you want to maintain a high probability of locating the Proto-Drake, you'll need to install and familiarize yourself with a rare scanner.

If you have SilverDragon installed, you will see a nameplate pop up whenever you are near a rare mob, and you will also hear a loud noise (which you can adjust) when you are close enough to kill it. Despite the fact that this may seem excessive, after spending tens of hours flying around Storm Peaks or going semi-AFK on a spawn point, you'll be quite grateful for the glaring reminders. Finding the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is made easier by the fact that SilverDragon displays its four spawn locations and patrol routes on your map.

Have Slow-Fall Handy

Bear in mind that this mount is perpetually airborne. Not only that, but it can reach great heights, making it tough for ground-based ranged classes to engage. To avoid waiting for the Proto-Drake to come within range of a ranged attack, you should be prepared with a slow-fall effect that allows you to tag it the moment you spot it.

Olut Alegut (Horde) or Rork Sharpchin (Alliance) sell Snowfall Lager for two Relics of Ulduar if you're not using a class that comes with slowfall or have the Engineering slowfall cloak (Alliance). If you're prepared with slowfall, you can tag the Time-Lost Proto-Drake as soon as you spot it and activate the ability to prevent death from falling damage. Don't hurt yourself by not taking action and getting this.

Kill Vyragosa

The Time-Lost Proto-elusiveness Drake's can be attributed, in part, to the fact that it shares its spawn timer with the very rare Vyragosa. To be expected, Vyragosa has a greater spawn chance than the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. As a result, you should keep an eye out for her and remove her from the area as soon as feasible.

You should have a slowfall effect on hand in case you encounter Vyragosa; she follows the same flight patterns as the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. As a bonus, killing Vyragosa will give you a chance to practice tagging, so you'll be ready when you find your real prey.

Keep Track Of Spawns

Rares have random spawn times to discourage players from camping out at their spawn locations, but it's still a good idea to keep track of when they spawn. If you know when the Proto-Drake or Vyragosa died, you can camp a spawn location with complete certainty that it will appear there next.

Keeping tabs on the times these two rares die and respawn can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend hunting for this mount. The fact that the Proto-Drake can appear in four distinct zones, however, complicates any attempts at spawn camping.

Group Up

Even though it may appear that teaming up is counterproductive given that the mob only drops one mount, doing so will give you far more influence over the spawn and patrol paths in Storm Peaks than going it alone would. A group of four players, for instance, may wait for the Proto-Drake to respawn in Storm Peaks by setting up camp at each of the four possible spawn locations at once.

The issue with this strategy is that you will need to repeat it multiple times to ensure that everyone in the group receives one. That being said, this is a more efficient and trustworthy method for locating the gang in the first place.


As we stated at the outset of this piece, having patience is crucial. Players often spend dozens, if not hundreds, of hours on the hunt for the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. It's highly probable that you'll face the same difficulty. Therefore, it is recommended that you get used to being semi-AFK as you hunt the Storm Peaks by listening to a TV show, podcast, or other passive entertainment source.

If you don't stop to enjoy the journey, you can go insane trying to track down this evasive creature. However, if you follow every suggestion in this tutorial, you will ultimately find this extremely rare mob. It's just not going to happen as soon as you'd like. Have a successful hunt!


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