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Best Apple Watch Accessories 2020: Personalise Your Watch with Amazing Add Ons

While the Apple Watch Series 6 has already hit the Apple store shelves, your shopping list won’t end with a smartwatch around the wrist. There are tons of accessories to safeguard your precious gadget, make it more appealing, and wear it for hours. What’s more? You don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money to buy these products. 

The Apple Watch dominates the smartwatch world, but you can trick out your gadget with useful accessories to make it more impressive. Other than official add ons by Apple, you can get Apple Watch accessories from third-party suppliers at a cost-effective price.

With plethoras of options, it becomes a challenge to decide on what’s right for your gadget. We’ve created a list of Apple Watch supplies that you can purchase at a third-party supplier to customise your experience.

Let’s begin with the list.

  • Apple Watch Tempered Glass Protector

If you want your smartwatch to remain protected against dust and scratch, get an Apple Watch glass screen protector. As you cannot keep your device safe all the time against scratches, bruises, snag, and bumps, a tempered glass protector adds a layer of protection to the watch.  

How to buy:
  • Consider the screen size of your device and get the best Apple Watch screen protector that fits it. 
  • Ensure the protector is compatible with your device. 
  • Make sure it’s thin but has multi-layer protection.

Apple Watch Strap or Band

Although an Apple Watch comes with a strap, you can buy many of these accessories to change them regularly to match with other things, like clothes or occasions. From sport bands to Milanese loop and tapered leather, there are many watch band options. 

How to buy:

  • Identify the reason! If you want a formal look, go for a leather strap. On the other hand, a sport loop can be used to wear the watch for many hours, while Milanese loop is an ideal choice for special occasions. 
  • Choose a strap or band that fits the size of your watch.
  • Consider material, colour, and price before ordering an Apple Watch band. 

Modern Buckle

If straps and bands are too mainstream, Apple's Modern Buckle is a trendy option, but it is also expensive. However, you can get it without breaking your bank. Purchase it from a reliable third-party supplier. It is a stylish, comfortable, and convenient accessory that holds power to elevate your watch-wearing experience.

How to buy:

  • Ensure the buckle features smooth top-grain leather.
  • Make sure it has a two-piece magnetic closure to secure the watch around your wrist.
  • Choose a colour that suits your personality. 

In the End

Do you want to buy these stylish, trendy Apple Watch accessories? Browse a huge collection at iStrap online and get the best Apple Watch add ons at cost-effective prices. From straps to screen protectors, you get quality accessories at the store to improve the appearance and life of your smartwatch. Order your product now!   

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