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The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics

 Today online products are purchased by a lot of people. The user interactions are required to be tracked and for this purpose creation of Google Analytics took place. Gathering vital information and tracing all interactions was possible with the help of a tracking code. With this your user’s demographics and website’s performance can be easily seen by you. If your website needs improvement then it can easily be seen in these reports. Now I am going to tell you the 6 most important reports in Google Analytics.

1. Report about mobile overview –   Your mobile site’s pain points are seen by this report. The visitors will not spend more time on your site for purchasing the products if it is not mobile friendly. With this report you will try to make your site mobile friendly so that traffic can be increased.

2. Report about channels – Whether you are getting referral traffic, direct traffic, paid traffic or organic traffic, all this is given in this report. The number of visitors who spent time on your web page and if they purchased something or not can be easily seen in this report. The decision of optimizing the required channels can be taken on the basis of these statistics.

3. Summary of navigation – Your website may be having several URLs and for getting these URLs the visitors are following several paths. The most common paths can be seen by this summary. If you want to analyze a particular URL then it can also be specified with this.

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4. Report about landing pages – From where the visitors have come to your website and which web page is mostly viewed by them? All this information is contained in this report. It also gives details about how many visitors left your site and if they saw the information on your site or not?

5. Report about site speed overview – If a web page loads slowly then this information is shown in this report. Due to slow loading of the pages the visitors will not stay on your site for a longer time. For improving the speed of your site several suggestions can be given to you by Google.

6. Report about goal overview – The visitors who have converted into customers are coming from which channels and what website pages are mostly visited by them? All this is present in this google analytics report

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