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What is Cattle Record Keeping?

Have you ever thought of doing a business without any record keeping or how is it like running a business without any documentation? Making any decisions without some records is very risky. Needless to say for cattle record keeping, a farmer or ranch manager cannot think of moving ahead without any records. These decisions are very vital for your herd management as feed, treatments, vaccination, calving periods, physical health of your animal are based on these evidences. As a ranch manager to keep the track record of your animals whether it's horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats or any other animal it is essential to know the event dates of animals. 

In recent years, many farm managers are using cattle inventory spreadsheets for record keeping. There is a good chance of errors that causes discrepancy in reports. Besides this, there is a very high probability of records tempering due to human error and other circumstances as well. Any single or minimal error has an impact on the output of cattle inventory spreadsheet. Consequently, cattle inventory spreadsheets are very time-consuming, arduous and obsolete ways of handling volumes of datasets. These are the decade old ways of handling or tracking records of your businesses. Today, Farm managers will not be handling their business with any of these archaic ways but they are looking to automate their records through cattle record keeping software. 

Many business solutions have been introduced in the market by software provider companies and these solutions are user-friendly and can maintain your cattle records such as; Cattle Grouping, Sales data, generate customizable reports, provide cow-calf ratios, weaning data, death records among many others.

Computer software solutions make the information accessible to the farm managers and other farm workers. These software programs reduce data processing time and automation of existing processes leads to productivity growth. There are a lot of things to consider while you are looking for a software solution purchase. Firstly; the information you are looking to keep must be save in the form of a checklist. It is very important that your requirements must be aligned with that of a software solution. 

Secondly, you need to be very clear about your numbers and how these numbers are processed by the business solution. Many service providers limit the number of cattle in their software solution others have no such limitation of numbers. Make sure that your cattle inventory spreadsheet is updated so you can accurately extract those details from the spreadsheet.

In addition to this, it is important to be assured that the computer software identifies your cattle identification scheme. Many programs require that the cows be numbered in a certain way. 

Are these programs based on the calendar year? Some programs can be confusing in a way they handle ‘production cycle’. This can be confusing as cows are bred for the next year as they completed their calving cycle this year. Production cycle based programs can be confusing as records are not kept up to date. 


Cattle record keeping software are very important even ranchers, farm animals and entrepreneurs never think of running their business while keeping records manually. Many software provides services in an offline mode that means you can enter your input in your phone or other electronic devices even if internet access is not available. With offline support collected data can be synced when the service is available.    

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