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6 ways how you can keep your Asthma Triggers in Control

Asthma is a persistent condition in which the capacity of the airways is limited resulting in breathing difficulties. Within the airways, there is inflammation which causes them to swell. While asthma was originally thought to be the youth's disease, later scholars undertook thorough work only to find that asthma could hardly classify itself as the youth's disease. People of all ages can get asthma. Although there is no such remedy available yet, that can cure asthma for a lifetime, there are remedies that can help to keep asthma triggers under control. Along with certain remedies, doctors from different parts of the globe prefer Asthalin inhaler for regular use in order to stop asthma flare-ups.

 Here are 6 ways to keep your asthma triggers under control-

1.Keep your living space clean- In order to keep your asthma trigger under control, it is a must to keep your living space dust free and clean. Make sure you dust-free your house as well as other space of use like office room, twice a week. Use homemade disinfectant to clean your living area. It is advisable to use homemade disinfectant because store-bought disinfectant often causes irritation and breathing problem. For that matter, use white vinegar along with soda to clean the house.

2.Avoid exposure to smokes and fumes- Refrain from burning candles, scented diyas, agarbattis, and firecrackers during a festival. Although it is possible to control the production of smoke inside your house, it is completely impossible to control the production of smoke outside your living area. Burning of fuels produces a large amount of smoke which can trigger your asthma. Thus it is wise to avoid such an area and always be prepared for an emergency. In order to be prepared, always keep Asthalin inhaler for regular use. Keep the windows and the doors of your house close in extreme weather climate like during a heavy loo, and dust storm.

3.Identify allergens- Allergens too play a vital role in triggering asthma. To avoid asthma triggers caused by allergens, it is the first and foremost step to identify the allergens to which you are allergic. Normatively, people tend to develop an allergy from certain things including pollen grains, insects like cockroach and termites, certain food, medicine, to mention few. Take an allergy test to find out and refrain from those substances. Avoid allergy-causing food and refrain from exposing yourself to such agents. 

4.Check on your regular activity- For all asthma patients, checking on regular activities like walking, cycling must be kept on check. Asthma is highly triggered by activities that are extremely strenuous in nature. Asthma patients must not indulge in any such activity that makes breathing difficult. Although doctors advice all asthma sufferers to stay active, it is necessary to keep in mind that you do not overwork. Regular exercise, yoga practice is advisable as long as it is not hindering your breathing. Avoid carrying heavy loads, running fast, extensive work out plans to avoid asthma triggers.

5.Do not alter the regular dosage of medicine- Many patients suffering from asthma tend to neglect the daily dose of prescribed medicine once he/she starts to feel better. However, it is the same the other way around. If a patient does not feel better or the way he/she feels every day, it is highly not recommended to take an extra dose of any medicine without prior consultation of a medical practitioner. A patient suffering from asthma must not, at any cost, skip their regular dose of prescribed medicine. 

6.Keep other chronic diseases under control- It is proven that the intensity of asthma can get altered by the presence of another chronic disease like diabetes mellitus, cholesterol, and hypertension. Thus, in order to keep asthma under control, make sure that the symptoms for the other chronic diseases are taken care of. 

If proper precautions are taken at the right time, asthma may be kept under control. Aerocort Inhaler and Asthalin inhaler for regular use has been recommended by physicians and specialists all over for treating asthma. While it is almost difficult to get rid of asthma entirely, one should maintain track of the symptoms, be prepared for an emergency, and keep emergency medications within reach.

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