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Top 7 Healthy Drinks for Kids

Are you feeding the right food to your child? This is a question that is guaranteed to make any parent anxious because each one of us wants to make sure his child gets the best nourishment possible. Diet for any kid must have all essential nutrients; this is imperative because he will engage in activities throughout the day for which he needs energy.

You will find many companies producing multivitamins for children to supplement their balanced diets. However, since the numbers are overwhelmingly huge, it may be hard to pick out one. So, it is recommended that you read up about these in details before you start giving their products to your kid. One such trusted name is Herbspro that specializes in offering only herbal vitamins, which are free from chemicals. A Herbspro coupon can help you buy these at discounted rates.

Top 7 Healthy Drinks:

Water: An essential drink for your child that comes to the mind first when you think of health benefits is water. Water is a must to keep the body well-hydrated. It may be lacking in many other nutrients and minerals which the body needs to function optimally, so you need to get these from other sources like fresh fruit juices, milk, etc.

Every time a child is thirsty, water is to be served, because it is most critical for helping to body carry out its various functions and metabolic processes. Depending on the rate of metabolism and age, children are likely to drink water more than adults. Water is not a source for liquid calories; so, your kid is not likely to feel bloated when he drinks water. It will never affect his appetite for a meal and this is why this drink is the best choice if your kid is a picky eater.

When the body gets enough water, the weight is optimal and there are fewer risks of tooth problems. Lack of water leads to dehydration in a child and this can reduce his brain functions, cause acute fatigue and lethargy, and even trigger constipation.

Coconut Water: This is undoubtedly a highly-recommended healthy drink for the child because it is devoid of added sugar and does not have calories. So, it is a much safer alternative to sugary health drinks and sodas. The coconut water is an excellent source of nutrients like potassium and magnesium, and vitamins like vitamin C. Besides, it contains a variety of electrolytes like calcium and sodium which can be lost because of heavy perspiration.

Naturally-Flavored Water: At times, you may have to give your child naturally-flavored water when he refuses to drink regular water. It is easy to prepare this by adding fresh fruits like lemon or lime to the water or adding mint leaves to make it more refreshing.

Smoothies: Smoothies can be a great nutrition hack for parents whose children do not drink enough water during the day. In preparing smoothies, you can also sneak in healthy fruits like bananas which will boost your child’s overall health. Smoothies can help to provide nourishment to kids who tend to be fussy about meals. For instance, you can easily add vegetables like spinach and kale, both excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D, into a delectable homemade smoothie.

Unsweetened Milk: This is by far the best choice for kids because flavored-milks like strawberry or chocolate milk will have added sugar. Milk is one of the best-known sources of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, and imperative for bone-growth. Fat-free milk or skimmed milk is discouraged for kids as milk with high-fat content is considered healthier for babies. However, there are children who may be lactose-intolerant and they may need to take alternative drinks like soy milk.

Unsweetened Plant-Based Milk: For the lactose-intolerant children, there are quite a few useful plant-based milk like coconut, rice, cashew, hemp, and soy milk. These may be used for preparing healthy smoothies and oatmeal for children. They can be a great source of minerals and vitamins, nutrients like B12, calcium and vitamin D.

Herbal Teas: Tea may not be an ideal drink for your school going kid, but herbal teas like chamomile and lemongrass are healthy alternatives to soft drinks and sugary sports drinks. These teas are also considered relaxing for children who are over-anxious or ill, suffering from indigestion, gas, and nausea.

While water is unarguably the best drink for your child, there are some other options like unsweetened plant-based milk, flavored water, smoothies and herbal teas which can provide your child with the stamina and nourishment he needs. You can find coupons for supplements from Herbspro on Don’tPayAll and save on every order you place.

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