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How To Get More Social Media Engagement On Any Platform

At some point in your life, you might want to improve the rate at which you get social media engagements. Most people feel they are never going to be able to get a good level of social engagements but it’s false. This is false because they might have been doing it wrong all these while. The most popular and leading social media platforms now have acquired more than half a billion people on their various servers. You might not have the right vibes to connect with your followers and keep conversations going, therefore you would require a little enlightenment on how to do it. We would enlighten you with quality information on how to get more social media engagements on any of the platforms available. When you’re done reading this article, you should be able to get good engagements with your audience with your media posts.

The 3 Rules of Social Media Engagements

For you to ha able yo attain good and reasonable social media engagements, there are three rules that you need to persistently follow. They are outlined below;

Always Be Consistent

Your consistency in social media platforms matters here. Consistency here isn’t just referring to you being actively online or posting random kinds of stuff. It means that you should always come up with well-constructed quality posts. By doing this, your viewers would learn to cope with your presence and also, this would serve as a foundation for a pathway that would lead to you getting more social media engagements. You should also learn to tag your friends in your posts as this would give them a good impression about you and when this is achieved, you have gotten some audience to go with. If you ever happen to fix a scheduled appointment for a conversation, you should aim at keeping up with these kinds of schedules. This is because trust is important and being a reliable person would also grant your the number of social engagements you require.

Try Asking Specific Questions

To be able to achieve more social engagements, you should learn to ask more specific questions when needed. At some point in posting kinds of stuff, you would require the comments of your audience and friends and you can only be able to get these comments by being specific in asking questions. You can create specific questions that require very brief answers,  as this would make it a lot easier for your audience to reply.

Add an Element of Fun

Being able to add an element of fun to your posts gives others a friendly and comfortable feeling to engage with you in conversations. You might be way older or otherwise but you shouldn’t lose your taste of creating fun. Being fun and realistic in your conversations with others would keep the conversation going and would also make your friends and audience regard you dearly. Always keep in mind that pride goes before a fall and try texting your friends and audience first with a will constructed a funny post and give them a reason to reply. Doing this consistently would give you a unique personality before them and you wouldn’t fall out of track in keeping engagements.

 Tips for Social Media Engagement

Some other certain tips can lead you to social media engagements and you would want to know them. They are outlined as follows;

Encourage Conversation With Audience Triggers

There is a certain feature that plays the role of conversation triggers in the development of social media engagements. There are several audience triggers that you can make use of to maintain a good level of social media engagements. By making use of these triggers, you connect to the emotions of your audience and when this is achieved, you would know the kind of texts and conversation to keep them alive with you

Use Emotional Cues

Being able to express your feelings with the use of emotional cues would serve as a good assistance to you in the development of social media engagements. The use of emotional cues not only improves social engagements, but it gives people a sense of imagination of your real feeling. You can make use of these emotional cues to a great level of making people laugh and keeping them happy.

Invite Sharing of Expertise

Making invitations for the sharing of expertise is simply trying to explain how you can keep conversations alive by making use of realistic events and sharing experiences that occurred. Doing this regularly would help keep your audience at bay and you wouldn’t kiss out on their own experiences too. This gives them the impression that you care about them and you wouldn’t want to lose them.

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Don’t End the Conversation

Ending conversations is a very common mistake that most people make and fail to realize that it the cause of their poor social engagements. For you to be able to develop a good and reliable relationship in your social engagements with people. Always try to keep the conversation going by making good remarks and comments on other people’s posts and also try to check on your friends and audience.


The social media platforms keep growing daily and by getting the foundation for good social engagements, you would be able to stay connected with your friends and relatives. You would also meet new people and learn new things. Also, having a great level of social engagement would make you ready to embrace new cultures and beliefs. The social media is a different world altogether and trying your best to remain realistic in your conversations with others is a key figure to the development of more social media engagements. Also, having a good level of social media engagements and would improve your personality in terms of socialization. And you should also keep in mind that not everyone would be patient enough to socialize well, therefore you have to keep every conversation realistic and friendly.

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