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5 Secret Techniques to Improve Earring Packaging

The craft of making expensive or priceless jewels is an old one. From the first stages of human civilization, we have used precious metals and stones to signify social status. This tradition carries on in the same form even today. In fact, the jewelry and precious stones industry is worth around $500 billion dollars. Constant changes in trends and fashions have made the industry very competitive and fast-paced. Creativity and skill are needed to survive and succeed. These valuable minerals found deep in the earth are not only precious to the consumers who wear them, but also to producers, who use these stones top display their craft and skill to sell them and earn profits.

An example would be earrings, which are used by most consumers on an almost daily basis, which signifies their importance. However, jewelers save costs by buying earring boxes in bulk, as an example, which saves them a lot of cost and results in great profits.

When we talk of jewelry, we imagine bright, shiny and beautifully crafted necklaces, exquisite rings, or delicate and precious earrings. We associate wealth and status with these things. And we should because that is what these mere stones do to improve your image.

Talking specifically about earrings, we can talk about what they are. A piece of jewelry worn on the ear, mostly earlobe, through a piercing. They might not be the largest articles of adornment, but they sure do have an impact. And that is why people spend time, money and effort over choosing the perfect pair of these noticeable and subtle articles of embellishment.

Importance of Earring Boxes

Before buying the perfect jewelry, most consumers need to be aware of the packaging that their purchase is kept in. there are many uses of these specially designed boxes, that you might have seen in any jewelry shop you might have visited. Earring packaging boxes have certain set functions, which they perform well, in order to ensure the safe keeping of the product.

Firstly, from a functional aspect, the boxes provide protection to the items from environmental factor like moisture and acidic air, which corrodes the surface of the stones and makes them lose their beauty. It helps the accessibility of the product. Imagine having to search around in a large box of jumbled up jewelry items looking for a small and delicate earring. Having a small, compact box to safely store the items is highly useful.

Obviously, having a safe container is important when you consider the worth of the item. If you leave them lying around in the open, they will be stolen or misplaced easily. In order to prevent that, we have safe and secure containers that can be used to safely store the earrings when not in use.

Lastly, custom earring boxes are used by manufacturers to impress their customers. When you go to buy items of such worth and value for a loved one, the last thing you need is a poorly packaged box that ruins the value of the items inside. Cardboard earring boxes are customizable, so the jeweler can design it according to their specific design, creating an image of brand and recognition.

Improving the box

We shop with our eyes, and attractive packaging serves to take advantage of that aspect of our nature. For most jewelry shops, in order to create an impact on the buyer and encouraging them to purchase something, the packaging plays a vital role in creating an impact. Here are a few tips that might improve earring packaging:

  1. Use textures. Material like velvet or satin, in order to create an impact of luxury and aesthetic appeal. Compared to plain packaging, textured boxes are more attractive. If you want to move away from the traditional red and gold packaging themes, try black color, which is classy, and bold. Recent design developments also use wooden, grainy or glossy surfaces to make the box feel special.
  2. Focus on the dimensions. It is an earring box, so there is no use for it to be large and bulky. Sleek and compact designs that are emphasized by well-defined corners and a perfectly layered structure. However, you can go for a more comfortable rounded edges design as well. But what is important is that the size is appropriate.
  3. Focus on the interior. The interior is where not only the product is placed, but also what serves as an important part of the unwrapping experience. If the customer opens the box to see a lackluster and low-quality foam with bad designing, it will totally ruin the effect. Make sure that the insides are completely lined with silk and the cushion is perfectly fitted into the box. Use earring holes to make it look more stylish and functional to hold the items in place.
  4. Personalize. Most high-end jewelry shops like Tiffany and co, and Cartier provide personalized boxes in order to make their customers feel special. Use that technique and emboss/deboss any particular message or any name that the buyer wants to have on the box. This will make the box more personal and appreciated. You can also use the company logo to create an impact. Slip in a handwritten note, thanking the buyer, and it will go a long way. This will not only make the box more valuable but is a source of marketing.
  5. Make the customer feel special. In industry, companies depend on repeat sales. If you make the customer feel appreciated and special, you are guaranteed sales and customer loyalty. How to use your packaging to do that? Make sure that the materials you use are of the highest quality that protects and provide effective storage to the product. Don’t pinch pennies when it comes to designing and packaging. Cheap earring boxes are worthless and should not be risked for something precious like this. 
These are some of the ways in which companies can use their jewelry boxes to enhance the brand image and increase sales. Make sure that you implement these techniques, and you will see guaranteed results.

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