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Advantages of using RO Water Purifier

Presently, you must have to use a water purifier to get clean, fresh and pure drinking water. You will get many options to purchase a water purifier at home. But, RO water purifier of RO Care India is one of the best options which you can select for use at your home. Here are given some reasons for which you can choose the option for RO water purifier.

Helps to Remove Contaminants

Water gets polluted due to the presence of contaminants and the contaminated water creates so many health problems. Using an RO water purifier you can maintain the healthy and hygienic condition for the drinking water at your home. It is essential to be safe from different types of water-borne diseases. RO water purifier can eliminate the contaminants like arsenic, copper, selenium, fluoride, lead, selenium, nitrates and nitrites, radium cyst, barium, chromium, and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

Helps to Reduce Sodium Salts

You can make the water softener by the removal procedure of hard minerals from the water. Hard water is not suitable for use at home and it also can create different types of problems. RO system will help you to make water softener. When you install the RO water purifier at your home, you can enjoy the perfect test of tea, coffee, clear ice cubes, and cooked food.

House Will Become Home-Friendly

Helps to Improve Cooking

Using RO water purifier you can cook the food properly. It will help you to cook boil pasta, soup, and homemade bread.

What is RO (Reverse Osmosis)

Reverse osmosis is the opposite procedure of osmosis. Osmosis procedure is considered as the procedure in which the molecules are passed through the semi-permeable membrane from the solution which is in low concentrations to the high concentration of the solution. In the reverse osmosis procedure, a force is applied for the movement of molecules through the semi-permeable membrane from the lesser concentration to the higher concentration. The semi-permeable membrane contains many tiny pores which help to remove the contaminants from your drinking water. You will have to make the staining procedure to get clean and fresh water. In care RO water purifier RO membrane helps to remove the contaminants and then you can flash away from the residue.

Working of RO filtration procedure

RO filtration procedure of RO Care India consists of membrane and two carbon filters. Here are given the steps of the procedure.

The procedure of pre-filtration: In the first step of the procedure the protection of the membrane is made. This process involves the removal of larger sediment adding some dissolved solids and the reduction of chlorine. The sediment filter helps to get clogged for excess sediment. It is recommended to install a water softener for the RO system otherwise the hard water can damage the system.

RO membrane: RO membrane is made up of synthetic plastic component which allows only the passing of water molecules.

Post filtration and final treatment: The second carbon filter helps to remove the contaminants and water are stored in the storage tank. There is another carbon filter which helps to remove the remaining unwanted odor and flavor of your drinking water.

Finally, you will get pure and clean drinking water using RO water purifier.

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