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Best Payment Gateways For Your E-Commerce Blog [Review]

Are you all done with setting up your E-Commerce blog yet cannot decide what payment gateway to choose and integrate?

You’re not alone, there are plenty of people out there stuck in the same problem as you. Since there are numerous payment gateways available online, therefore people often get confused while choosing the payment gateways.

As there are plenty of payment gateways, all of them are not the same and they feature different factors which you should be considered before choosing one of them.

Some factors you should be aware of before selecting one of the payment gateways:

1.     Lookout if the payment gateway accepts all major debit and credit cards, so you don’t miss any buyers.
2.     Decide which products are you going to sell, either physical or digital. Many payment gateways only allow physical products therefore, to make sure you choose the right payment gateway so decide what you’re going to sell.
3.     How you are targeting? Globally or Locally? If globally then you must choose the payment gateway with multi-currency support while if locally you can check out local payment gateways.
4.     Eliminate all the payment gateways from your list if they want the user to sign up before purchasing something. This may lead to buyers leaving the site.

Well, these are the factors which you need to consider before going for a certain payment gateway.
Now, let’s take a look at some of the top and best payment gateways which you can integrate for your E-Commerce Blog.

If you’re planning for
opening a new blog and willing to sell products on it then this article is just for you. The payment gateways are shortlisted for blogs, & small businesses online and this article doesn’t target startups and firms.


For a small business or especially a blog dealing with only a small amount of buyers can go blindly for this payment gateway. It was founded in 2008 and has gained a reputation in these 11 years. It is best known for Superior fraud protection and low fees (i.e, 2.9% & $0.30) per transaction.
The bonus point for this payment gateway is that it doesn’t have any kind of monthly or setup fees, unlike other payment gateways.
The last but not least, 2checkout provides flexible cart integration and has partnered with 100+ popular online shopping carts.

       Skrill Payment Solution
It is best known for providing local currency and all the payment methods available
from wallets to cards for all your international buyers. It also features the lowest
fees of around only 1.90% & 0.29 EUR per transaction. If your blog has a lot of
mobile visitors then it might be the best option out there as it is fully mobile
It is fully flexible and can get you started accepting payments on your blog within a
few hours after integration. It provides simple integration and supports a good
amount of popular online carts online. They have two different methods for
accepting payments that are either Skrill Wallet and QuickCheckout.
Despite, Skrill have a lot of customers using Skrill Wallet, however, I don’t
recommend it as not everyone will be able to pay using Skrill Wallet as you  never know if your customer has Skrill wallet.

       PayPal Payments Pro
You might have already heard about Paypal. It is the most popular platform for
accepting and sending international payments throughout the world.
But, they also provide a payment solution for businesses online which doesn’t
necessarily requires PayPal account to pay. It accepts all major debit and credit
cards including VISA, Master, Discover and so on. You have a bonus with this
gateway that is your buyers can also pay directly via PayPal account if they have
one or else stick to Debit & Credit Cards.

As Paypal is known worldwide and has a huge user, therefore, it is most likely that many of your visitors might have a good impression and doesn’t hesitate in making payments. Paypal accepts 26 major leading currencies and works with popular sales and management with seamless integration.

If your blog is kind of small business for you and with a lot of active buyers in a month and happens to be tight on budget then you should be choosing FastCharge.

They have a monthly gateway fee of just $10 and take less than an hour to set up. It also offers recurring billing for products with subscription and also features donation billing.

It has over 5000+ support for shopping carts and that is a big bonus point. Also, if your e-commerce shopping cart is not listed then you can use their emulator.

They accept all major debit and credit cards from all over the world including VISA, Master, Discover, and AmericanExpress.

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