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Solved: Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed Error

Being the top choice of the business and enterprise level users does not make MS Outlook free of issues. Outlook users, especially the Exchange connected Outlook users complain about having more errors and issues than others. One common error is Outlook data file cannot be accessed. This error message usually occurs when users press Send / Receive button. This Outlook error 0x8004010F can appear in any of these two forms:

"0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed"
"0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object could not be found"

As you can understand, this error prohibits users to send or receive emails. So, it becomes an urgent need of the users to fix this error. In this post, we will explain how to fix this issue. First of all, we will learn its reasons:

Know the Causes of Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed Issue 

The main reason behind this problem is the OST file corruption, caused due to virus attack, or oversize. However, it can also appear if the Outlook profile is not configured correctly, or if its location has been changed, or if some old OST file is used in an upgraded email client. Basically, this error occurs due to some problems with the OST file or faulty synchronization between the OST file and the Exchange server. 

How to Fix Outlook Error 0x8004010F

Usually people choose manual methods like creating new Outlook profile to resolve this error.

How to Create a New Outlook Profile
  • To begin with, shut down Outlook and go to Outlook profiles by using these steps - 
  • For Windows 10, type Control Panel in the Search box>> press Enter. From there, click on User Accounts>> Mail and finally, Show Profiles.
  • For Windows 7, click on Start>> Control Panel>> Mail and then Show Profiles.

  • Select Add and type a name in the Profile Name box>> click OK.
  • Enter primary Outlook email credentials and follow succeeding steps to create the new MS Outlook profile.
  • After the new profile has been made, choose Prompt for a profile to be used.
  • Start MS Outlook now and choose the new profile for usage.
If the problem is resolved then you can delete the old Outlook profile.

Consequences Associated With Manual Approach To Resolve The Issue

1. This process is a Lengthy and time-Consuming Process.
2. This requires strong technical skills to perform this task.
3. Sometimes the user has to face data loss situation.

Expert Solution To Resolve Outlook Data File Cannot be Cannot Be Accessed Issue

There is a high possibility that the manual method is not effective to solve the problem or you may find it too difficult to perform. Do not worry, as we bring you OST to PST converter. This application can remove all types of corruptions from your OST files and allows the user to convert into PST file format. Here is how you can use this software: 

1. Launch the software. Click on Add File button.
2. Use Select File option to select the OST file. If the exact OST file location is not known to you, select Search file option and choose the drive where you have installed OST. You will be given a list of OST files from which, you have to choose.
3. Select Remove Encryption option is the file is encrypted.
4. Select Advanced scan mode as the OST file is facing corruption issues.
5. The software will scan the file and preview all of its components. The deleted files will be marked in red.
6. Now, choose PST format and apply other general settings besides selecting the target folder.
7. Apply Advanced Settings for data filtering.
8. The software to save the data in PST format that you can import in your Outlook without any trouble.


Outlook data file cannot be accessed is an error that usually occurs when users perform send/receive actions. There can be one or more reasons for this error. If users want to get rid of this problem, they can choose any of the solutions given in this post. Since the software has a high success rate and robust features, we suggest they opt for this alternative solution. 

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