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Most Scoring Topics in JEE Main Physics!

Physics is one such subject that haunts pretty much to every JEE aspirant. Reason being the countless number of topics in it and huge syllabus for the subject. As a result, it becomes a daunting task for the candidates. The best strategy to score good marks in Physics is to play smart-by prioritizing the chapters of the subject in a certain way. The best way is to divert your focus on the important topics that are most scoring in the JEE Physics syllabus.

Here, we are going to talk about the important and scoring topics which you must thoroughly revise before appearing for your JEE Main Exam 2019. While selecting the important topics for JEE Main Physics syllabus for the revision you should ensure that all the prerequisites are met for each topic/chapter completely.

Most Scoring Topics for Physics in JEE Main 2019

There are around 20 chapters in the complete syllabus of JEE Main Physics subject and out of which there are certain topics in the subject which are scoring and carries high-weightage in the examination. We here, provide you with some most scoring topics of JEE Main Physics section and the amount of effort you need to devote to that important topics. The syllabus of Physics is further divided into 5 sub-sections. These are:

  • Optics and Modern Physics
  • Thermodynamics and Heat
  • Current Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction
  • Mechanics
  • Electrostatics and Magnetism

Now, let’s study the weightage and number of questions asked from the different topics of Physics in order to evaluate the scoring topics of the subject.

Weightage and Number of Questions of Topics in JEE Main Physics

Look at the weightage of the Chapters in Physics and number of questions asked from these topics in last year JEE Main exam. You will be going to get benefitted from these scoring topics in the exam Further you can carry a quick and smooth revision for the subject of Physics. Below is the tabulated form:

Class 11th TopicsWeightage (in percentage)Number of QuestionsClass 12th TopicsWeightage (in percentage)Number of Questions
Kinematics1.71Moving Charges and Magnetism6.32
Laws of Motion2.73Electric Charges and Fields3.7-
Rotational Motion6.32Current Electricity4.73
Units and Dimensions5.31Electric Potential and Capacitance3.32
Work, Energy and Power3.72Alternating Current1.72
Waves51Ray Optics5.7-
Thermal Properties0.7-Semiconductors10.71
Oscillations3.71Dual Nature of Radiation4.31
Thermodynamics6.31Wave Optics4.72
Kinetic Theory of Gases2.71Electromagnetic Waves and Communication Systems3.32
Mechanics of Solids and Fluids2.71Atoms and Nuclei2.31
Gravity3.3-Magnetism and Matter1-
Electromagnetic Induction3-

Now we present you with some of the high-scoring important topics of the subject Physics. You must devote your focus towards these topics in order to crack JEE Main Exam 2019. Moreover, we have divided these important topics in two categories-(a)Topics which are hard, (b) Topics which are easy. These important topics as per categories are:

1. Hard topics but most scoring topics

These topics carry high-weightage and are the most scoring ones. You will need to understand the concepts thoroughly for these topics. Further, these chapters are important for JEE Main and JEE Advanced. These topics are:

  • Electromagnetism
  • Rotation
  • Magnetism
  • Simple Harmonic Motion

Focus more on concepts rather focusing on the formulas. Do a lot of subjective problems from these important topics as that will really benefit you in deriving things on your own. In order to completely understand the questions, make the best use of the diagrams for the questions and analyse the conditions beforehand. Solve previous years question papers in order to get familiarize with the kind of questions that can be asked in JEE engineering exams. Get to know the concepts and do miscellaneous question in order to get the tight hold of the concepts of these important topics.

2.  Easy Topics and High Scoring Topics

You cannot ignore the importance of easy topics in order to score good marks in JEE Main 2019. These topics are based on the formula and don’t need in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Here are the important topics that belong to this category:

  • Modern physics
  • Current electricity
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Oscillations and sound
  • Heat and thermodynamics

These important chapters are asked and are not very tough too. Divert your attention towards more on formulas and practice  the ample number of questions. Create short notes of all the formulas and theory points that you need to focus on. For theory based questions-read chapters like modern physics. 

The above mentioned topics are sure to be going to give success. These most scoring topics from Physics are meant for boosting your score as well as your confidence. Just make sure to not skip any of these topics and glance at once if you don’t have time to go completely on it. You can even try different methods of solving the problems as this will help you in getting to know the alternate ways to reach the answer quickly.

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