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Visit Jama Masjid in Delhi style

Talking about Delhi if the peace and religious faith of Jama Masjid sounds attractive than you shall not wait for visiting these places if non-veg is on your food list.

These are the best restaurants in Jama Masjid.


From Bollywood stars to the common street people  are the fans of this unique and authentic restaurant which is growing since 1913.

Being one of the oldest Mughlai restaurant in Delhi and serving the delicacies like Korma, seek kebab, mutton burra.

Perfect place for having having non-veg dinner located near gali kabbabian, jama Masjid New Delhi.

Do pay a visit here. It’s proudly known as the best restaurants in Jama Masjid.

For best restraints in Delhi you can head towards maa Tara (chittaranjan park) for Bengali cuisine.

Aslam's chicken corner 

This three storey building restraunt famous for its butter chicken in Delhi is a great place for enjoyment and having good food.

and don’t think about the common butter chicken here the chicken is marinated in more than 30 spices, yes you read it right than roasted and grilled till it’s get a beautiful golden colour.

It would be your fault if you miss this place located near Jama Masjid.

Qureshi kebab corner 

It’s the gem of non-veg kebabs near Jama Masjid and the best part is their traditional way of using charcoal to cook.

Where everything here is smoked and grilled on charcoal. The varied of Mughlai dishes will trigger your mind to have these exciting dishes.

Want to go further with Delhi cuisines then do visit oh Calcutta!Nehru Place.

Bilal Hotel

Located in Matia Mahal in Jama Masjid the restraunt is famous for its Nihari that takes almost 12 hours to cook Where first it is cooked at slow flame at a large vessel followed by
The smoking of the dish.

It is best known for lip-smacking mutton dishes like nihari and chicken curry.
The must place to visit where they are giving there all to the one dish they make so do pay a visit to this place.

For vegetarian they can visit the best restraunts like Bong apetit in Nehru place.

Haji Mohd. Husain 

Established 40 years ago and since then making some amazing delicacies and serving huge population of Delhi.

People come here again and again just to unleash their taste buds with the unique chicken and fish fry.
One of the best restraunts in Jama Masjid. For making the unbeatable chicken fry which cannot compete with any other restraunt in delhi, it takes lot of process and time to get that perfect taste.
Chicken is marinated then dipped in chickpea flour there is a lot that goes in to make it perfect.
So don’t ever miss this unique restraunt for a sumptuous lunch and get in love with keema goli, chicken fry.

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