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The Evolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung's flagship phones have always brought something new to the table. Their S-series brought about a revolution in processing power, while the Note series pushed the boundaries for the smartphone display.

During the time when smartphones used to be small and compact, Samsung dared to do something different. Before the world went crazy over tablets and bigger screens on their smartphones, Samsung brought in the Galaxy Note. The first-ever Note was a new species of phones and was termed as Phablet, an amalgamation of a tablet and a phone. Over-specced and loaded with an oversized screen of 5.3 inches, the phone was speculated to do badly. However, with its release, the Note received an amazing reception, and the audience loved it! With the inclusion of a stylus made especially for the phablet, started the dawn of the new series for Samsung, a series of smartphones that is still highly revered even today by tech enthusiasts.

Although the first model was a success, Samsung outdid itself in the later Note models. The Note 2 too had amazing specs and a retractable S Pen. With each iteration, Samsung began to test out new features and technology to keep the innovation pot burning.

From the original Note to Note 8, Samsung’s journey was far from smooth. The Note 7 was a disastrous entry for the smartphone giant.  Although Samsung Note 7 was waterproof and pushed the envelope for displays and stylus technology, the batteries in the phone kept bursting. Going up in flames, Samsung had to recall these smartphones and the loss sustained by the company amounts to at least 3 billion dollars.

having learned its lesson Samsung quickly recovered from its bad reputation with the Note 8. With its innovative display and class-leading performance, the Note 8 posted record-breaking sales for Samsung.

With the Note 9 coming soon, Samsung has to up their game, and from what we hear they surely have. The Note 9 is rumored to carry a Bluetooth enabled S Pen, a first in its class. Furthermore, its to house more than 4000 pressures points, for even smoother stylus operation and finally a 6.4 inch HDR capable display. To run all these operations Samsung is said to have put the biggest battery on a Note series yet, a 4000mAh monster.

Hometop's infographic throws more light on every one of the Note series smartphones launched till date showing their sales figures, their specifications and in general the evolution of one of the most creative smartphone lineup in the world.

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