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What differences do we find between iOS and Android when playing?

The trend is clear. There are increasingly more areas in which the smartphone is unseating the computer. The terrain of the games is not an exception and, therefore, it is convenient to know the differences between the main mobile operating systems in terms of 'gaming', with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

A year ago there was a very significant change, when Android surpassed Windows as the operating system most used globally in global terms, which evidenced the advance of mobile phones and tablets with respect to the PC. In addition, a study conducted by Statista on income distribution in the gaming market indicates that smartphones ranked third in the world ranking in 2015 with 24%, exceeded by computer games (28%) and video games. the consoles (30%); but in 2017 the mobiles already led the table with 30% and the forecasts indicate that they will continue increasing at a rate of two percent per year in 2018 and 2019, to the detriment of the other two more traditional platforms.

When choosing a mobile, it is important to know the differences between operating systems, iOS and Android as absolute market profiteers. True, they are not alone and that the development of new trends such as the "Internet of things" have opened a huge door to various alternatives, but now the thing is between the operating system of Apple and Google. The differences between both are enormous, and this time we will focus on those characteristics that affect the games.

The big ones are in both systems

That said, it's also good to keep in mind the differences between iOS and Android in what you play. For the most impatient and for those who want to be up to date, iOS has the advantage that many times the games come out earlier for devices with this operating system. However, that apparent exclusivity has its double side. At the end of the day, everything ends up coming to Android (or at least the important thing) and, in addition, by then the games have been fully tested and are clean of the failures that have been arising to iOS users.

In that sense, those who use Android like to think that Apple's App Store is nothing more than a filter that separates straw from wheat and serves so that what is really good ends up coming to the Google Play Store. The truth is that, currently, both operating systems have in their respective application stores with most major titles in any genre.

For example, in the action category highlights Fortnight, a game available on iPhone app development company and Android that continues to break records; fans of role-playing games can enjoy in both operating systems the fantastic-medieval world of Albion Online, recently available on Steam; while Age of Empires World Domination, one of the most popular strategy games despite emerging as a 'spin-off' of the legendary series, can also be found on iOS and Android. This duality is also found in large casino or sports games. In the first case, Betway Casino blackjack games stand out, which has almost thirty different options available on both iOS and Android, with the Vegas Strip, European Blackjack and Multi-Hand Blackjack as the most popular. Regarding the world of sports, users of the operating systems of Apple and Google can also enjoy PC Football 2018, the latest version of this classic Spanish game that, for the first time, is available for mobile phones and tablets.

Hermetism vs. Opening

It is well known strict policy of Apple as far as compatibility is concerned. Although there are many users who prefer that exclusivity, the truth is that Android devices allow emulators to be installed easily in order to enjoy games from other consoles without the need to rely on jailbreaking. In addition, even solving these factory limitations imposed by Apple, it is still necessary to use mice, keyboards and other official accessories from the Cupertino firm to make everything work correctly.

That secrecy of Apple can also be an inconvenience for the 'gamers' as far as storage is concerned, since some games can take up a lot of memory. It is true that iOS users have the extra space offered by iCloud, but in many cases it is more convenient to connect a MicroSD card or USB On-The-Go, only compatible with Android devices, and both are much more options economic

The secret cherry

Each smartphone comes with its corresponding widgets, some of them common to most devices and others specific to each operating system or brand. However, Android phones have a very little known feature and that has to do with games, since in its last three versions (Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo) there are a series of hidden games that can only be Access through a series of steps.

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