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Why have these top 10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers?

Music is the soundtrack to our lives and what can be better than playing music whenever you want and wherever you want. Saying that nothing beats the Bluetooth speakers which give you the freedom to just plug it in anytime, anywhere. All you need to have is either your laptop or even your mobile and you are good to go.

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Bluetooth speakers are good, loud and have really good bass. Here are the reasons why to have these top 10 Bluetooth speakers! Check them out right away.

UE Boom 2

If you are a music lover and a first time Bluetooth speaker buyer then your search ends here. UE Boom 2 is waterproofed and can last up to 15 hours. It has got a brilliant design and really robust.

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This one weighs round about 500 grams and can be taken wherever you want to. Just plug it in and enjoy your pool party without the fear of it getting destroyed in water. Its waterproofed remember!


If you like colours and want something which is not big, then go for JBL Go. You will be surprised once it starts playing. Don’t get fooled by its look, it might look like a toy box but it surely does have power.

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JBL Charge 3

This one can last up to 20 hours. A perfect Bluetooth speaker that suits your budget and gives good quality sound. Play it on and enjoy a Bluetooth speaker which completely waterproofed.

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If you are alright carrying that extra weight then JBL Charge 3 will be perfect for you. Play your favorite song and get ready for a bass-proof environment.

 Logitech X 100

This tiny portable Bluetooth speaker might look tiny, but it surely performs really well. This donut look-a-like small speaker gives powerful bass and is pocket-friendly. At just Rs. 2000/- this is a must-have. You can have one of these at a much-discounted price by using shopCj coupons.

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Bose SoundLink Mini II

Although it was launched way back in the year 2015, it would be a sure loss if we don’t include Bose SoundLink Mini II in our top 10 list. This one stands out in the crowd besides being so old. Its portablehas good treble and bass. It might look tiny but can outperform many.

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Portronics Sublime II

This one could be heavy for a few but once you start using it, we are sure you will get used it in a couple of days.

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Even if you increase the sound to its highest peak, it will make no vibration. Which is good. Also, the heavier your speaker is the better it releases sound. And it also has inbuilt FM, so whether you want to play your own music or just listen to FM, this one will let you have best of both worlds.

Bose SoundLinkColourII

This one seems to be pretty small in terms of the other portable speakers that are in our list but Bose, being Bose comes with yet another incredible speaker and gives a tough competition to the other in the market.

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If you are a Bose fan and wants something to go with you on your next trip then you can surely take this one with you.

Philips SBA 3010

This one has good a good design and looks nothing like a speaker, but it surely is. Don’t get carried away by its looks because even if it’s tiny, it surely entertains us with a good sound quality. If you are thinking of buying this one, then use paytm mall promo code to save additional amount.

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JBL Flip 4

If you are going to miss your home theater while being outdoor, then JBL Flip 4 is the right choice for you. It has got a solid and a rough design which is perfect to carry along while being in the outdoors.
It is an all-weather friendly portable Bluetooth speaker and will surely soothe your ears with its astonishing sound.

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Frontech JIL 3906

This last one that we have on our list is yet again one of the smallest Bluetooth speakers in the market.

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If your budget is really tight and you don’t want to shed a lot of money then you can grab Frontech JIL 3906 at just Rs. 600.

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