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Learn How to Import Contacts from Lotus Notes to Office 365: A Complete Guide

Both Lotus Notes and Office 365 are widely used by users across the globe. Users feel attracted towards Office 365 as they want to operate their mailboxes in Exchange online program. Everyone knows that Lotus Notes is a desktop-based application that provides instant messaging, email, calendars etc. to organizations and saves all mailbox contents in NSF file. On the other hand, Microsoft Office 365 is used for sending and receiving messages, storing contacts information, scheduling meeting etc. on the cloud storage.

The file that Microsoft Outlook uses to store all your important data is a PST file. There may be several reasons why an organization or users want to move from Notes to Outlook. But users face more problems when they search for a reliable and simple method to import contacts from Lotus Notes to Office 365. To resolve this issue, we are going to demonstrate some techniques followed by the common reasons, which triggers the need for such conversion.

Reasons to Migrate IBM Notes Address Book to O365
  • In Office 365 overall cost of maintenance and installation is eliminated as compared to Lotus Notes.
  • MS Office365 provides more user-friendly and easy to understand interface.
  • Office 365 availability is 24*7 whereas Lotus Notes program can be accessed only in the on-premises environment.
  • Office 365 also maintains data integrity.

Manual Approach to Import Contacts from Lotus Notes to Office 365

The manual process is divided into three sub-parts. The first step is to export contacts from Lotus Notes, the second step is to import contacts in Outlook, and the last step is to upload PST file in Office 365.

Step 1: Exporting IBM Notes Address Book
  1. First, open Lotus Notes email application and click on the Contacts tab to export Names.nsf to O365
  2. Now, click on More and then click on Export Contact in the menu bar to open the Export contacts dialog box
  3. To export the entire address book from IBM Notes to the targeted email client, choose All contacts in this view
  4. After this, click on All Fields option and then in Save to section, browse the location where you want to save contacts
  5. Provide a name to the targeted file in File Name field
  6. Now, select CSV option in Save as type menu and then, click on Export

Step 2: Import CSV File in MS Outlook Program
  1. Open Import and Export wizard in Microsoft Outlook email client
  2. Click on File >> Open >> Import/Export
  3. Choose Import from another program or file option from the list and click on Next
  4. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows) from the two listed options
  5. Now, click on Browse button and move towards the location where you have to save CSV file in Step 1
  6. To proceed further, select the file and click on Import button
  7. In the Options field, choose ‘Do not import duplicate items’ and click on it
  8. Select any of the existing folders and then, click on Next to proceed with the process to export Lotus Notes contacts to Office 365
  9. To instruct the system that it should begin exploring Lotus Notes contacts in Outlook, click on Finish button

Now, to determine the location of PST file in which you have imported contacts move towards Step (3)

Step 3: Upload PST to Microsoft Office 365

There are two approaches using which user can transfer PST files to Office 365. A user can opt any one of them according to his/her understanding and requirements.

  • Network Upload: Uploading of PST file over the network for Microsoft Azure storage. Once the uploading task is completed, copy file data to the targeted account mailboxes.
  • Drive Shipping: Copying data on the hard drive, which is strongly encrypted for protection purpose from the unauthorized usage.

Limitations of Manual Approach: Although, one can import contacts from Lotus Notes to Office 365 using the manual method. But, some limitations are linked with this approach. Like, this process fails in saving all data from each contact file, issues related to data loss can also occur etc. Moreover, the manual method is lengthy and time-consuming. It is difficult for a non-technical person to perform these steps accurately.

Automated Approach to Import Contacts from Lotus Notes to Office 365

In order to eliminate shortcomings of manual approach, it is suggested to users to take help of automated solution that is SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool. This tool efficiently imports multiple Lotus Notes NSF files to O365 mailboxes.  This is a user-friendly utility as in no time user will be able to transfer IBM Notes Address book to O365. A user without technical knowledge can also operate this utility with an ease. Overall, it is a secure and reliable solution that user must opt to perform the above-stated task in a precise manner.

Follow the below mentioned steps to Migrate Lotus Notes all data item to Office 365:

1. Launch & Run the software

2. Add or import Lotus Notes NSF files or folders.

3. Select the option to export Lotus Notes all data items to Office 365. From the categories option select “contacts” to get transferred.

4. A screen will be displayed showing the successful migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365.


In the above section, we have suggested manual approach as well as professional approach to import contacts from Lotus Notes to Office 365. It totally depends on the user, which approach he/she wants to follow. But, to keep data safe from any kind of accidental loss or damage, it is recommended to go for an automated solution. 

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