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Principles of Designs an Effective Website

Having a website is the basic need for every brand around globe to explore and target their market. A website is now considered to be the first and the most effective tool utilized by major brands of the world to spread awareness and to digitize your business. 

As a web designing expert, I have learned a lot by designing different types of websites and being associated with the leading website design companies in USA, following are the major principles to be considered while designing a website.

Identify the Purpose

First things first, it is very important to identify the sole purpose of designing a website. A good website design is known to cater the customer according to their need, set your aims and goals and identify the purpose otherwise any information that you will portray on your website will be vague and difficult for the customer to identify, every page that you incorporate on your website should serve a sole purpose.

Smooth Communication 

The only reason why people come to your website is to have a quick overview of the information that you have listed on your website. It is very important to communicate your message and purpose very clearly. Also make sure that your communication is very easy for the user to understand and digest.

There are certain tips and tricks to organize your content on the website to follow a smooth code of communication such as incorporate proper headlines and sub headings and use bullets instead of lengthy paragraphs.

Color and Images 

A web designer should always think like an artist. The designer should always have an insight of the right type of color patterns to incorporate on the website. The right color pattern will make your website look appealing to the customer. Always use contrasting colors to make your text visible to the customers and vibrant colors trigger emotions, it is advisable to use them on important buttons such as CTAs.

Images are also considered to be an important element while designing a website. As we all know that one picture speaks a thousand word. To enhance customer attraction, it is must include images on your webpage. Images make your website look more appealing and interactive.

Integrate Proper Navigation 

Customer should always know regarding where they are standing on your website, it is very important to incorporate proper navigation to make life easier for the customer. A good Navigation will allow the users to take actions quickly and move around your website easily.
  • A good web designer will always include the following: 
  • CTAs 
  • Bread crumbs 

Consistent Page Hierarchy  

It is always advised to follow a three click rule where the user is able to find relevant information on just three clicks.

Readable Font and Size 

The font type and size is also considered to be a very important factor. The ideal font size considered for a good web design is 16px and should always stick to 3 typefaces in determined 3 point sizes. Sans Serif is considered to be the ideal font type. It is very important to use contemporary font types which have a very less decorative finishing, making it easy for the user to understand.

Follow the F Pattern Design 

According to the most important eye tracking studies, majority of the people scan computer screen in an “F: pattern. Most of the people across the globe tend to avoid information which is on the left and the right of the screen and majority of the information is seen which is on the top of the page.

It is a must task to make sure that your website is designed according to how people see it and use the relevant “F” pattern to attract more customers.

Design within the Grid limit 

Do not place the content on your webpage randomly, it will always result in a mess. Always use a grid based layout to sort out content into various sections, boxes and columns. This will perhaps lead to a better looking website.

Break your Page with White Spaces

As a designer, I can totally understand that why all the designers are afraid of the white spaces. According to my experiences and what I have achieved, having whitespaces is an essential part of a website. It breaks the page and increase the readability of the reader. Increasing the readability is an integral part of designing a website and designers should never be afraid of it.

It is always recommended to strip all the extra and unwanted information to make your user attract more towards your content.

Incorporate Mobile Friendly Design

Your website design should always be responsive. Majority of the customers go through your website on their smartphones. Your website should be designed in a way that it also perfectly fits on the screen of a smartphone.

Decrease loading Time 

One major reason why any website has a higher bounce back rate is that the website take a lot of time to load. Optimize your images and videos into smaller files to make sure that your loading time is less than 5 seconds.


With an experience of designing top quality website designs SG, I have always considered the above mentioned principles for designing an iconic website. Consider them while designing a website and you will see the wanted results.

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