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Few Handy Apps and Tip Offs to Enhance your Mobile Photography like a Pro!

The advancement of Mobile Camera's have completely changed the transformation of photography. Isn't it ? We used to carry those immense camera's in long time past days to catch the excellence of artistry. However, the tables have turned now with the development of Mobile camera's and the most recent "Cellfie" trend we do click every now and then.

So if you eat, drink and breathe photography. We’ve got a catalogue of some mind blowing photography tips and tricks which will be two cents worth for you.

Clean your Camera Lens at Frequent Intervals :

Always try to keep your camera lens clean specially your back camera. As it is the stellar one for your mobile photography. We cannot completely preserve our mobile camera from dust but we can surely take off efforts to clean it at regular time duration. Try doing this you are definitely going to  see the worth knowing results.

Clear up Unwanted Elements from your Picture :

So you’ve clicked an amazing candid picture but few elements are bothering your picture clumsily. You have great chance to make it look better with this Android Touch Retouch App. This will make wonders happen for your photograph by removing every single scratch making the photo more enhancing. No matter even if you’ve captured a portrait photograph of someone, it will even let you remove all the blemishes and pimples affecting it.

Try  to Get Exploded to Light :

Perfect light and exposure are the concretes of a perfectly captured photograph. Make sure you have an awesome light around while clicking pictures . Or if possible try to click pictures with natural lightening, you can do this by going outdoors or near by natural daylight. Additional tip, try not using mobile flash while clicking photographs as flash is very harsh and not really useful to enhance the photo.

Dig in your Mobile’s Camera Settings:

Don’t just rely on the default camera settings and capture accordingly. Get into your inbuilt camera features and explore them deeply the filters it offers, variations in perspective as well as contrast. Try out your hands on them.  Check’out the number of filters it offers or if not sufficient get some third party photo filtering apps to enhance its look entirely.

Decorate as you Wish to:

Often times, decorating your image with varieties additional elements can also recreate them differently and enhance their look beautifully. Currently I am obsessed with adding varieties of Stamps to images by using some third party android apps. Even you can do so if you wish to, I personally do it for adding location of the captured image.

Abolish Extra Space:

You know this very clearly, that anything more than its requirement is bad. Same can be considered even here. Try to remove the extra spaces from all the photos captured with your smartphone. Instead of portraying your space to the viewer, try displaying your main object to the core rather than spaces like huge walls, sky and others.

Summing up the list for today, hope that it proved to be a worthy checklist for each and every out there to make photo look outstanding.

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