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List of Top Free Blog Website of Year 2018

Hi folks after taking some rest today I am writing a post for those people who want a free website without investing any cost. Now that is possible here are some top best free websites to create blog at free of cost. So, if you’re novice and want to website for your own business without spending any money own your pocket then you can make your blog by registering on any of these sites list.

I am sharing few top most coveted blogging sites to create a free blog along with its Google Page rank and its domain authority. If you have any type of information and want to publish on internet but you have no idea how to publish it or how to start then here a solution you can pick any blog site and share your technical, non technical, funny or any type of story and history with others without any trouble and without paying any money.

Free blog Websites List:-

Wordpress: Create a free blog on Wordpress, it’s a no.1 choice for bloogers when it launch with free of cost to creating any type of blog for business or personal. This site have 200+ themes are available you can choose any theme and customized according to the requirement. This site Domain Authority is 100 and Page Rank is 9.

Blogspot: Free blog creation site from Google, you can share any type of content, photos and video which you have. Google gives additional weight-age to created blog on it there is no doubt.  This site provides 100+ themes for users and also provides modification option. It automatically synchronous with Google+ account that is plus point for owner because you can add follower on G+ account.
This site Domain Authority is   96 and Page Rank is 9.

Tumblr:It is a micro blog site platform which allow user to create any type of blog. The best part about this blog site is you can easily post any type of images, video and fundamental stuff in your blog. This site Domain Authority is 98 and Page Rank is 8.

Weebly:This is also one of the best top sites to create a free blog. If you want to upgrade to a custom domain then you can choose its premium package offer. This site Domain Authority is 95 and Page Rank is 8.

Geekswithblogs: This is a developer blog community site where you can publish any technical information easily. This site Domain Authority is 60 and Page Rank is 5.

In the below segment you can get some of the more free web2.0 blog posting sites along with the DA and PA.


Conclusion: Hope this database for web 2.0 will help you if you need instant approval article sites then you can read my another post that will help you to find more sites for article submission. In case you're getting any issues while creating blog from above mentioned sites database then you can fell free contact me through contact us page.

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