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CCNP Certification: Everything You Need To Know?

Cisco has created a standardized certification program that can be accessed by all, which has helped to ensure that there are enough knowledgeable IT professionals to provide customers with support for their products and technology solutions. Networking professionals of all levels may benefit from this accreditation program. If you wish, you may begin by taking the entry-level, associate, or professional courses and then proceed to the expert or architect level, depending on your desired career path.

An Overview of CCNP Certifications

On the 24th of February 2020, certain credentials were removed from the CCNP category. As a result of a recent change in the path, badges are now more extensive, and all badges can be earned by passing only two tests. Additionally, some of these tests provide applicants with both a Professional as well as a Specialist certification. Thus, your achievements are acknowledged as you proceed through the examination process. Listed below are the details of the CCNP course that are available to you so that you can select the one that closely suits your needs.

CCNP Enterprise

It is a newly introduced Cisco certification that replaces several previous badges, including the CCNP R&S and Cisco 200-301 Premium and CCNP Wireless. It represents your ability to provide enterprise-level networking solutions. Applicants must complete two tests to obtain this certification. In the first exam, you are required to cover the core concepts, while in the concentration exam, you are required to select your specific area of interest.

The core exam is 350-401 ENCOR. Moreover, the six concentration assessment options are available in SD-WAN implementation, wireless network design, advanced routing techniques, and other topics.

CCNP Collaboration

You will be able to demonstrate your ability to provide collaboration solutions through the CCNP Collaboration badge. The first part of the examination involves an assessment of your knowledge of critical technologies in the subject area. In addition, you will be given a concentration test from which you can select one of four options. The 350-801 by code is the core exam, and you may choose specializations such as automated systems, application development, cutting-edge technologies, and telecommunications.

CCNP Data Center

This updated CCNP Data Center combines the old Exam-Labs Premium File Website and the CCNP Cloud Badges. By obtaining the badge, you demonstrate that you are proficient at maintaining the named solution. In the same way, as other CCNP credentials mentioned earlier, two exams are required to obtain the certification. First, there are 350-601, and then there are five concentration tests. These are 300-610, 300-615, 300-620, 300-625, and 300-635.

CCNP Security

Candidates who obtain CCNP Security certification demonstrate that they possess the skills needed to access security-related solutions. Furthermore, they are familiar with the latest technologies, methods, and techniques for protecting various environmental components. Therefore, you must first pass exam 350-701, then choose one of the following six concentration tests: Download Premium File from Exam-labs, 300-715, 300-720, 300-725, 300-730, and 300-735.

CCNP Service Provider

Once you complete the two tests that confirm that you can work with service provider solutions, you will be CCNP certified. The 350-501 core assessments are the first step in this path, followed by the concentration assessment. In this context, the specializations involve implementing advanced routing protocols, automating aspects of the task, and managing VPN connections.

Here are some other Cisco certifications you can get

In addition to the CCNP certification training, the Cisco courses also offer two other badges of professional competency within its new program. These two credentials are Cisco Certified DevNet Professional and Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional. This is an overview of these two credentials.

Cisco Certified DevNet Professional

It is a CCNP training program specifically designed for software developers and DevOps engineers. Once you achieve this certification, you will be able to develop and maintain Cisco-based applications. The 350-901 core examinations and the concentration assessment, which is selected from eight options, comprise its path. Exams include Cisco CCIE 350-401 ENCOR Premium, 300-535, 300-635, 300-735, 300-835, 300-910, 300-915, and 300-920.

Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional

Your certification in this area demonstrates your ability to protect, detect, and defend against cyber threats. Exam 350-201 is the required core examination, and 300-210 is the concentration examination.

Prospects for career advancement

When it comes to a career such as networking, you have to do something that sets you apart from others. In this case, you may benefit from taking suitable CCNP courses. There is no doubt that Cisco certifications are well suited for those wishing to pursue a career in networking. This is whether it is in operational or design roles, automation, or application development. In this way, your desired role will be achieved.

In conclusion

If there is ever a time when IT professionals need to take their job seriously, now is the time. If you plan to take on the challenges of an information technology career, the Cisco CCNP certification is for you. But to succeed, you must follow the right course. You may opt to take the entry-level or associate course or proceed directly to the advanced course. Make use of Cisco's training and self-study tools to increase your skills to the desired level.

IT is an ever-evolving field. You must equip yourself with the necessary Cisco CCNP badge so that you do not fall behind.

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