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Difference Between Microwave and Oven - Which is Better?

In India, advanced kitchen appliances are getting popular day by day among the masses. The population realizes the convenience and advantages of these technically advanced home appliances. 

However, when modern inventions are ready to reach the average Indian home, the people still are not knowledgeable about the basics of the technology. They thus are puzzled about where to invest their money. If you are looking for microwave oven models that provide affordable kitchen solutions for the average Indian then you can visit Bajaj EMI Store and bring it home.

What is a Microwave Oven?

A Microwave oven, as the name suggests, is an oven that uses the microwave to heat foods. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves similar to radio waves. In an affordable IFB microwave oven, a magnetron device produces microwaves. When the microwave reflects from the metal interior of the oven, the water molecules in the food vibrate and get heated up.

  • Baking: Convection ovens are the best microwave ovens to bake cakes, biscuits. You can bake a range of confectionery items in a microwave-safe utensil with some limitations.
  • Healthy cooking: The best microwave oven models are safe for cooking. Where there are theories claiming health hazards, there is no evidential proof. According to experts, food cooked in an excellent quality IFB microwave oven is just as good as customarily cooked food.
  • Various types: Three types are commonly available in microwave ovens.
  1. Solo microwave oven,

  2. Convection oven,

  3. OTG: is an electric oven using coils and not a microwave

Difference Between Microwave and Oven

Electric cooking is not like traditional oven cooking. However, it is not as complicated as rocket science for non-specialists. We mean OTG (Oven Toast Grill) VS Convection when we talk about ovens and microwaves. To distinguish a microwave from an electric oven, you need the functioning know-hows of the types of ovens that operate on the microwave.

The types are solo, grill, and Convection.

  • Solo Microwave Oven: This is a traditional microwave oven with limited features.
  • OTG Microwave: These are the most popular ovens in the country that use coils instead of microwaves to Cook, Toast, and Grill food.
  • Convection Microwave oven: These are advanced microwave ovens made for domestic use and can do everything from cooking, baking, grilling, and toasting.

OTG and Convection - Which is better?

The two most prevalent types are OTG and Convection. Let's draw a comparison between those two.

  • Heating: The OTG uses electric coils to give the best microwave oven experience, whereas the convection type of IFB microwave ovens uses electromagnetic waves that oscillate water molecules and food particles. It is clear that the distribution in Convection is better than OTG, but the concentration is better in OTG.
  • Time: The heating time of the best microwave oven models differs. An IFB microwave Convection oven takes around one-third of the entire time of an OTG microwave oven.
  • Power usage: However, the IFB microwave OTG oven consumes less power than the convection oven, thus saving on power.
  • Auto-cook option: This option is only available in the best microwave oven of the convection type.
  • Utensils: The best thing about an IFB microwave OTG oven is that you can use even metal utensils for cooking apart from ceramic, silicone, and glass, which is not compatible with convection ovens.

Each product has its pros and cons. This comparison will help you to get the latest IFB microwave for your culinary needs.

Wrapping up 

By knowing the difference between each type of microwave oven, you can now easily select the best microwave oven for your home cooking. Shop from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store for affordable pricing and enjoy pre-approved offers. 

Get hold of your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to avail of zero-cost EMIs for your purchase of the best microwave oven models.


Are you searching for a microwave oven and can not decide if it is better than an oven? Are you confused about where to invest? This article will guide you with everything you need to know about purchasing microwaves and ovens for home use.

There are mainly three varieties of microwave ovens: solo, Convection, and grill. Each has different purposes, and they cook, bake or grill the food in various manners. Use your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network card to order the best microwave oven among IFB microwave models and enjoy a no-cost EMI on your purchase.

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