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How To Add Your Products to Google with Shopify Product Feed

When businesses sell their products online, visibility and sales are the main concern. This is because consumers in a digital age want their desired products, at their fingertips. However, this doesn’t just happen overnight, and it takes a little bit of effort to achieve that perfect shopping feed.

Optimizing your Shopify products that are for sale, so that they appear, when possible, customers are looking for them, is necessary if you want to optimize the number and quality of sales. 

The more people see your products are the ones that actually buy those products the more while they are on sale. This is where Google Product Feed comes into play.

In this article, I have explained how you can add your products to google product search and benefit greatly. I have also explained how shopify google shopping feed can help you in this process and handle all the stuff automatically without your intervention.

Manually Setting up Google Shopping Feed

If you’re on a budget, then the good news is that you can build your feed for free using Google’s Merchant Centre. You can easily take advantage of this and improve your product's visibility online by following these simple steps.

#1 Make the products available

You can control which products are visible on Google by syncing your online store with the Google Merchant Centre. To choose products manually, use the Channel settings page. 

#2 Add Products Data

Some product data that Google uses to help categorize your synced products aren’t available from the product's details. If this is the case for your store, then you'll need to add the data from your Google Channel.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Sales channels > Google, from Shopify admin.

  2. Go to the Product feed section from the overview page.

  3. Click the link to view your synced products in a bulk editor beside the Product Status.

  4. Click Edit Google fields.

  5. Click Save.

#3 Optimize Titles & Descriptions

Copying and pasting the information from the search engine listing can allow you to include more keywords in an ad without changing the product information in your online store.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sales channels > Google, from Shopify admin.

  2. Go to Merchant Centre account.

  3. In the Product Title Preference, select the SEO product title.

#4 Discounts

Your Shopify admin discounts automatically sync to Google ads, free listings, and buy on Google. If you want to set up buy x get y discounts in your Google Merchant Centre, then you need to do so there.

#5 Product Status

The Google Channel informs you of the status of your products on the Google Products page in Shopify. There are three possible product statuses approved, not approved, and pending.

When you change a product in Shopify, any pertinent information is synced with the Google Merchant Centre. If you ever need to change the same product name or description in both Shopify and Google, please note that this can cause errors and warnings to appear in the Google Channel.

#6 Product Requirements

If you want your products to sell on Google, you will need to provide some additional information, such as the title, description, and image.

To ensure that Google categorizes your products correctly, you can add a Google Product Category to each product. Google automatically assigns a category if you didn’t add a product category to your products, but you might get an error message.

Because Google requires a unique product identifier for each of your products, it's important to get the correct information entered. If you don't enter correct product identifiers, it's unlikely Google will expose your products on its shopping site. This may result in a suspension of your account, which will damage your business interests.

Google requires some specific information for all products in the Apparel & accessories, Media, or Books Google Product Categories.

Generating Product Feeds with Shopify Product Feed Generator

Product Feed Generator is an all-in-one product feed generator, editor, and optimizer tool that lets you create, edit, and optimize product feeds in a single step. 

Product Feed Generator offers centralized management of all product feeds, bulk upload tools, and easy-to-follow SEO-friendly naming conventions to help you get started with Google Shopping, Google Ads, Bing Shopping, Facebook Ads, and other 30+ shopping channels worldwide.

Product feed management is not an easy job. The time you spent on managing your product feed could be spent on other productive things. shopify rss feed will do the product feed management for you. Its service plan is affordable even for small stores and start-ups.

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