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What is the Pros and Cons of 5G Mobile Phones?

 Do you want to buy one of the latest 5G mobile phones? Using 4G has been great, but it cannot certainly go hand in hand with the new technology in telecommunication. You can check the latest Oneplus mobile price and compare them online. Here, we have mentioned a few pros and cons of 5G mobile phones.

Pros of 5G mobile phones


Data speed is what you can expect better than the 4G speed in 5G. It will provide you 100-Mbps speed and 20GB of data. It takes a few milliseconds only to download images. It will help you to download an entire movie within a minute.  

Ultra-low Latency

The 5G mobile phones are known for their ultra low latency feature. It is the time taken by your device to connect with the internal and external networks within seconds. And, with 5G, you are not even wasting a second. 

Energy Saving

5G handsets are energy savers. Its speed in receiving data and functioning will hardly drain your phone's battery. Thus, the best 5G phone will last 50% more than the 4G handset did. 

Link with IoT

The 5G mobile phones are supposed to have a thousand times more capacity than the 4G phones. Yet, you can download higher capacity apps, which you could not download on 4G mobile phones. Thus, you can integrate and link with many IoT platforms promptly with 5G. Therefore, your health gadgets, internet TV, smart appliances, and office automation products can be linked easily and accessed from your 5G mobile phone. 

  • The health sector can provide treatment remotely using 5G mobile phones and service providers' health apps efficiently in any global location.

  • Map apps will work more accurately as the people using them will find the location precisely. 

  • Cars using IoT will drive without a driver efficiently and accurately with 5G technology linking the car and your 5G smartphone. Thus, it enables virtual reality and augmented reality to the next level in technical advancement. 

  • Faster, clear, and uninterrupted AV communication over internet phones across this globe.  

  • Efficient use of apps as the 5G mobile phones has a higher storage capacity.

  • A person will control all of their smart gadgets from their 5G phones. 

High Bandwidth

The 5G mobile phone has a high bandwidth. Therefore, you can connect to more than one internet-enabled device seamlessly. So, there is no reason why you wouldn't want to invest in a 5G phone over 4G. 

Cons of 5G mobile phones

Smartphone Price

The higher cost of 5G mobile phones might not be affordable for existing 4G mobile phone users. Leaving a few, most of the oppo mobile are on the higher side. One can expect its price to rise in the future as competitors develop similar kinds of 5G mobile phones.

Electronic Junks

The entry of the 5G mobile phones in the consumer market will produce more electronic junk or trash. It is due to the decline in the popularity of the 4G mobile phones. People will just throw it in the trash, as it has no resale value, and cannot exchange their existing phone in exchange offers to buy one of the latest 5G mobile phones.

5G Deployment Globally

Only the developed countries are trying their best to deploy 5G networks throughout their country. Yet, it will take time to cover the developing and underdeveloped economies to build IT infrastructure in communication to deploy 5G throughout their country. 

Cyber Security

High-speed and high capacity means the larger the use of apps. Moreover, you are free to link with many IoT platforms. Thus, the chances to steal your data and hack your servers when you use a 5G Smartphone increases.

Scarcity of 5G Mobile Phones

An existing Smartphone manufacturer has to change its current unit to a new one. Their existing 4G mobile phone production and assembling unit will be of no use in manufacturing 5G mobiles. 

Thus, it will take time as only the major players will set up new plants and manufacture the advanced phones. The increase in demand will create scarcity, as the production is low. It will take another five years to see the 5G widely available globally through stores and retail markets.

The 5G mobile phones will soon become a necessity to buy for everyone within the next few years. It is because every country will choose 5G technology over 4G in their communication. However, after going through the pros and cons, you are the one to decide whether or not a 5G phone will be the ideal fit for you. 

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