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How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog (Beginner Guide)

Selection of domain name plays a very important role for your website success.  At the initial stage of starting your business website, you need to choose a cheap domain name wisely so that it won’t bother your brand later.

Choosing a web hosting cheap price and domain name for a personal website is not enough to run a business website. It should be perfect and works best for your business website.

Are you confused to choose a domain name for a blog?

In this article, you will learn about the domain name search, blog domain name ideas and how to choose the cheapest domain name for your blog.

Before getting started understand some basic terms.

Domain Name- Basic Concepts
The domain name is the website address which people used to access the website. It is the URL which the user enters to reach directly your website. The website can’t be created without a domain name so it is very important to choose domain first.
The domain name is the exclusive address of the website. It consists of two parts names and extensions.

Domain name construction
A domain name is a combination of the prefix, subdomain, blog name, and domain extension.
        http:/ https: - Prefix
        www – Subdomain
        blogname – It is the name of your blog or domain name picked and registered by the domain name provider.
        .com -   Domain extension (.com, .in, .org, .us, .net)

Choose the Best Domain Name for Your Blog: Essentials
Set some ideas into picking a domain name. The objective of the tips beneath isn't to meet each standard, yet to give you a few rules to consider all the while. And afterward, I'll reveal to you where to enroll your domain.
We have presented some ideas to choose a good domain name that will be effective for your blog.
  1. Choose the Perfect Domain Name Extensions
When you select the domain extension, there are numerous options available out there but the best and popular one is still .com extension you can choose a domain name extension.
In the market there are many websites with .org, .co, and .net extensions but it is always the safest option to go for .com domain extension to do better.
There are many options available such as .org, .com, .in, .net, .info etc. you can choose the most suitable option for you and register with the cheapest domain name service provider.

  1. Short and Simple
The shorter length is better when it comes to choosing a personal domain name for SEO. Limit characters from 6 to 14.
Complicated and long names may be difficult to remember and understand for people. It should be simple and easy to understand.
You can make your domain name brandable and unique if it is difficult to find a generic name for you.
You can use a domain name generator to find the different domain name ideas and create the best domain names list to make the best choice.

  1. Easy To Spell and Pronounce
The objective is for your domain name online  to be passed along effectively by you and by others. This is bound to occur if individuals don't need to stop and consider how to pronounce or spell it.
Try not to incorporate words that are normally incorrectly spelled or precarious to spell.
  1. Include Keyword
For SEO purposes domain name is one of the best places to include keywords. It is best if it is used at the start of the domain name.
I strongly suggest enlisting your name as a domain regardless of whether you have no designs to do anything with it.
Why? Since you can't be sure whether you might conceivably turn into a commonly recognized name later on. And afterward, you'll be happy you have it.

  1. Avoid using Numbers And Hyphens
Understand how your domain name ought to be anything but difficult to spell and articulate? Hyphens and numbers make it progressively troublesome.

It's not extremely smooth or punchy to determine a hyphen and numbers. Try to use words only while tips choosing a domain name blog.
  1. Check for availability
Be imaginative. It's truly conceivable you'll thought of the ideal domain possibly to discover it's as of now taken when you attempt to enlist it. Take a stab at looking into comparable words in the vocabulary.
Approach others for thoughts. Blend words up or around. Utilize a slogan, an epithet or an expression you state constantly.
  1. Avoid doubtful terms
On the off chance that you are attempting to engage a wide crowd, abstain from utilizing specialty niche terms in your domain that somebody outside your specialty would be new to.

Final Thought: Choose a Name for Your Blog
In the event that you've perused this whole post, you've likely understood it's a great deal of work to create a decent domain name.
Your domain is the principal thing individuals see when they visit your blog. Choose the best cheap reseller hosting cpanel domain name to establish a decent first connection!

Now the concept of how to choose a domain name for a blog might be clear. Utilize the tips above to get a decent equalization of choosing a domain name for your business and extension.
Figuring out how to pick a great domain name for your site can appear to be scaring from the start. All things considered, it's a significant choice. In any case, you'll see that with a little research and choose a domain name tool, the procedure is shockingly congenial.

Remember the blog naming accepted procedures as you utilize the blog name generators to discover a genuinely extraordinary domain. You can utilize a mix of the devices above, or perhaps you'll luck out and locate the ideal name on your absolute first attempt.

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