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MilesWeb Review : Is It The Right Choice For You?

MilesWeb has been in the web hosting industry since 2012 and seems to power over thousands of sites. It is a trusted partner of giants like AWS and DigitalOcean.

MilesWeb’s affordable pricing strategy may grab your eyes and make you willing to buy it. From my experience, I can say it is the best combination of cheap web hosting and the best quality support.   

What products are offered by cheap web hosting UK company - MilesWeb?

Let us walk through all the web hosting products offered by MilesWeb.

(1) Domains

It is absolutely possible to register domains at MilesWeb. The price of domains depends on the type that you wish for. MilesWeb has wide range of domain extensions like .com, .in,, .org,,, etc.

Transparency is a major factor that they consider and hence, don’t believe in looting their customers.

They offer a free domain with their unlimited web hosting plans and unlimited WordPress hosting plans too.

(2) Shared Hosting

The unlimited shared packages are very popular in the industry. The plans are structure in such a way that they can be helpful for everyone right from bloggers or growing industry.

The Tyro plan is a favorite choice among bloggers and it costs only £1/month.

Swift and Turbo plans are the best choices for businesses just getting the start. All you have to do is just register any of these plans and get the domain free with them. The swift plan allows hosting one website, whereas, using the Turbo plan, unlimited websites can be hosted easily.

 (3) WordPress Hosting

The company also offers shared hosting optimized for WordPress that allows you to make a website on the internet in just a few minutes. The team provides great automated WordPress installation and optimization support so that you can use its features effortlessly.

The WordPress hosting plan starts at £ 1.13/month for the Ace plan.

Heart and Diamond plans cost  £ 3/month and £ 7.50/month respectively.

These plans offer free domain name, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificate and much more.

All the WordPress plans get you pre-installed WordPress to keep you worry about it and you are directly ready to use it.

(4) Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is highly used by professionals working in web design and web development field. It is a genuine way to start a web hosting company and earn from it. MilesWeb provides a 100% white label reseller hosting with 24/7 customer support.

(5) Dedicated Server and VPS

All the dedicated servers and VPS plans are able to handle high website traffic, large E-commerce websites, etc. Dedicated hosting also gives you a plus point that ensures that all your high-end clients can be maintained separately like the reseller hosting behavior. Yes, that means, you can provide dedicated hosting bought from MilesWeb to your customers. It helps to maintain the rapport and trust among the audience.

VPS hosting gives you features like free VPS management, resource monitoring dashboard, robust infrastructure, SSD drives, etc. to make your daily tasks easy.

(6) Cloud Hosting

As mentioned, above, MilesWeb is a nominated partner by AWS and DigitalOcean. You can buy a cloud from these providers and give them to MilesWeb for management. Or, can directly buy from MilesWeb with free support. Cloud hosting is a must for large and rapidly growing businesses having sensitive information.

MilesWeb offers different forms of web hosting features and services are a very reasonable price. Their prime concern is to offer web hosting facility to all those you need it.
One thing to note is their shared hosting plan specially designed for bloggers. The cheap hosting plan is liked by many people and has helped them to grow the site.
According to their customers, their plus points are :

1) 99.95% uptime.

No matter what plan you buy, all the website gets 99.95% uptime that ensures the site is working perfectly on the internet for most of the times.

2) 24/7 support.

The technical support team works day in and day out for their customers. For any issues, you can directly reach out to them via tickets or emails. Also, they are very active to respond through the chat support on the website

3) 30 days money-back guarantee.

The genuity of hosting companies can be determined based on their transparency. So, in case if you find that you are not satisfied with any of their service then just ask for a refund within 30 days of your order.

Want to buy hosting?

If you have projects like E-commerce hosting or blog hosting then I will definitely recommend you to go with their unlimited web hosting or WordPress hosting plans. I have used these so, I can tell they are worth the try. Their features are very helpful for developers and web designers. With a money-back guarantee, it is no harm to try.

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