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How to take care of your headphones in the Right Way?

You might have bought an expensive set of headphones online recently. You might be in love with the way your new headphones look, feel, and perform. Loud bass, clear high-quality sound, and powerful noise cancellation system may have made your purchase even more precious.

However, if you do not take care of your headphones, you may be reducing their life. While buying a headpiece is easy and convenient, it is not necessary that your new set will feel as comfortable and perform as per your expectations. Using the tips mentioned below, you can take care of the headpiece nicely and extend its life.

Handle The Cable Carefully

Until you have bought Bluetooth earpieces, your headphones will have a cable. In the case of earphones, rotating them around your fingers in a loop would keep them safe. However, you cannot do that in the case of headsets because they are big in size. If the cable is detachable, remove it and then store it by making it into a coil.

If you have a habit of keeping your headphones without any case or proper care, the cable may entangle and break or become lose with time. If you are travelling, the safest option would be to keep them in a case.

Clean Them Regularly

Your headphones can be over-the-ear or on-ear, which mean a buildup of earwax would not be an issue. However, if you work out while wearing them and they get sweaty, you should be able to rinse them or wipe them. Also, check the IP rating of your headset. If your headset is not water-resistant, avoid using them while working out or keep them near water.

If you have earphones, cleaning them is a regular job because of earwax buildup. You can use an earbud to clean them gently or buy an earwax cleaning tool. The key is to be gentle while cleaning otherwise the pressure may cause damage.

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Pull Out The Plug only

The biggest reason why headsets and earphones get damaged is that people generally pull out the cable and not the plug. If you pull the cable, you would put extra stress on its connector, which will damage it eventually.

If you remove the cable by pulling out the plug, you are going to put pressure on the firm grip, which would bear the pressure rightly and prevent damage.

Do Not Sleep With Your Headphones On

Headsets are stiff and may snap or bend easily if a high amount of stress is put on them while lying down or sleeping. Some people tend to sleep with their headsets on and while sleeping, they may bang it against the bed or headrest and damage them.


Apart from the above-mentioned steps, make sure your store the headphones correctly. If you do not have a case, keep them in a dry and clean place. Also avoid them keeping in extreme temperatures, like areas that receive direct sunlight or above microwave, TV, fridge, etc. This will ensure your headsets remain intact and perform optimally for years.

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