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7 Common Questions Regarding HIPAA Training Requirements

Question: So what even is HIPAA and why is it important to me? Do I have to train for it?

A: The acronym HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which was a government bill introduced during the Clinton administration that revolutionized the healthcare industry and the way health insurance coverage was administered and recorded. Title II of HIPAA is known to many as “the Administrative Simplification,” and it deals with the ways personal health information must be kept safe and private.

If your business handles health plans, healthcare clearinghouses,  a healthcare provider that deals with healthcare transactions electronically or a business associate supporting these entities and in that process having access to protected health information (PHI) it is important that your employees are all HIPAA certified. Receiving HIPAA certification through HIPAA training is the only way to learn about and maintain online HIPAA certification up to government standards and ensure compliance at every level of business.

Question: How do I choose which certificate to pursue? There’s so many it seems overwhelming.

A: There are many places that offer HIPAA training, but most only cover the basics of HIPAA certification and fail to go into the deeper rules and regulations covering HIPAA. Training done through focuses on providing information to people at all levels of the HIPAA certification process, from beginners to experts looking to renew their skills. The training programs even include a one-hour overview training for students looking to understand the material, or for those who require only the most basic understanding of HIPAA practices. The best way to figure out which kind of HIPAA course is right in order to receive your certification is to call for a free consultation and assessment at 515-865-4591. What level of training you need depends on the number of employees at your company, the core compliance team members, your past training, and your exposure to personal health information. Each of these things will be taken into account during your consultation to provide you with the best fit for your company.

Question: Do I have to take a course in order to receive HIPAA certification?

A: Yes, taking a HIPAA training course is a requirement in order to prove compliancy and certification with HIPAA. Online HIPAA training is the quickest and easiest way to receive this certification, and can be done in a matter of hours saving your company from fines of up to $1.5 million dollars per year of civil money penalties that can result if HIPAA guidelines are not expressly followed. If you have already taken training or you consider yourself an expert then you can directly take certification test of CHPSE, CHSE or CHPE to validate your knowledge.

Question: I received a certificate in the past, do I really need to be trained again?

A: HIPAA certifications only last for a few years at a time. No matter what level of training you have completed, it is important to check to make sure that your certification is still valid. Because of new laws passed that affect HIPAA, changes in HIPAA practices, and audits (which occur regularly) it is important that HIPAA training continues to evolve. HIPAA certification must then also evolve, and there are many new parts of HIPAA that you may not even be aware of. Going through HIPAA training for a new certificate ensures that you are compliant and still aware of all rules and regulations.

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Question: What are the benefits of online HIPAA training?

A: Also known as online anytime training, online HIPAA training allows for a trainee to work at their own schedule at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. Online training provides interactive steps for anyone to allow anyone to be able to understand HIPAA, and provides interactive features such as PowerPoint slides, audio, and printed materials that can be studied before certification testing. This training is highly effective and offers unlimited phone and email support with instructors before and after a test, as well as for any troubleshooting that may occur. Online HIPAA training is the option that fits the needs of any business person at every level of HIPAA understanding.

Question: I have needs that I don’t think can be solved online, are there other methods of training?

A: Of course! HIPAA training for all trainees can be done through different methods that include having an instructor through online HIPAA training, onsite training at your company, online anytime training, and training offsite in a classroom. HIPAA training is complex but there is always an option that will work for you and make sure that you receive the very best of the nationally recognized training program. Many of these features may affect the timing of when you can do your training, so the most highly recommended method of going through HIPAA training is still through online access. Planning ahead to include time with an online instructor to help prep you for the tests may be your best step, and still can be done online!

Question: What other requirements should I know about before beginning training?

A: Your work won’t just end after certification. You will need to provide proof of a contingency plan, risk analysis, audits, and privacy and security policies. Luckily HIPAA online training will provide you with templates for each of these things and ensure that every requirement is met. At no point after initial training will you be left alone, and your questions will be answered at every turn. You can purchase templates or consultant’s time to help you with your compliance process. HIPAA Compliance for product

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