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How To Respond To Good & Bad Reviews

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly more mandatory as more business moves online. This isn’t just for e-commerce and online businesses, however, as brick-and-mortar stores have been affected just as much. However, that means that there’s a whole other world of marketing and brand management to think of, and a variety of different questions that entrepreneurs are asking themselves. Chief among these is how do I respond to a Google review, as well as a few other notable review-related questions. With this comes a few different questions of their own.

Why Respond To A Review

There can be a few different reasons to respond to a Google review, with the most notable being that it’s a great marketing strategy, regardless of whether it’s a positive or negative review. This is because it can be a critical piece of growing your online brand presence while also encouraging customers to leave their feedback and begin engaging with your business. With positive reviews, this helps to promote your business and encourage more potential customers to visit your premises.

As such, a positive review can be one of the most effective forms of marketing your company. Having said that, negative reviews can also serve a positive purpose as it shows that your business is committed not only to highlighting issues, but also addressing them directly. However, this also leaves open the question as to how you should respond to these reviews. Like many other things, though, how you respond can be dictated by whether it’s a good or bad review.

How To Respond To A Good Review

With a positive review, the first thing you should do is to thank the reviewer; this should also be as specific as possible when replying to them. When you’re replying, you should also work in some of your marketing strategies by working your company name and some keywords into the response. This will be great for SEO purposes and help to show search rankings that highlight your business positively.

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While you’re in marketing mode, an appropriate call-to-action may also be helpful. While this may be specific to you and the context to review, you could include something mentioning a reviewer’s next visit. By doing so, you’re not only adding a helpful and friendly reply but including a welcoming attitude that many customers may enjoy. Because of that, responding to a positive review appropriately can create quite an impression for your business.

How To Respond To A Bad Review

The first step in responding to any negative review is to apologize for the negative experience that your customer had while also being as sincere as possible. Furthermore, it may be beneficial to move the conversation offline by giving them your name and a means of contacting you over the phone or even through email. This will ensure that any negative online remarks about your business are kept to a minimum.

On top of this, you can help turn the negative into somewhat of a positive by noting that low-quality service isn’t not what your business is known for; you should also include a note mentioning that you regret the event. Many experts have also suggested that keeping your reply short and concise may be the wisest course of action; it’s also been noted that for the best results, you should simply include an apology and a means to contact the business offline.

Keeping a response short and sweet also means avoiding putting too much detail in the review can help minimize any negative effects. Furthermore, it also means that customers who left a negative review may also encourage them to contact you over the phone, thus limiting any negative marketing.

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