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4 Exercises You can do in 3 Minutes or Less

Since most of us lead hectic lifestyles, we don’t have the time to do some things we were used to doing a few decades back, such as going shopping, dating, working out and so on. That’s why nowadays we have the option to shop on the internet, to use online dating sites like herpes dating to find a partner and, most importantly, to do some quality exercises in a very short time.

In that name, here are the 4 exercises you can do in 3 minutes or less that are perfect for those who like to stay efficient, as well as for people who can’t spend a couple of hours at the gym.

The Pull-Up

The pull-up is that one move every walking gun show swears by. Though it can be fairly difficult to pull off, doing a 3-minute pull-up session each day might be your ticket to Big Arm Muscles Town.The difficulty of the exercise doesn’t come from being complex though;itrequires strength and must be done properly instead.

Now, to do a pull-up correctly, grab a bar with both hands and let your body hang from it. With your hands slightly wider than shoulder width and your knees bent completely, flex your abs and pull yourself up until your chin touches the bar. Return to starting position slowly and repeat the process.

The Sprint

Scientists and experts claim that running is the most efficient and most engaging form of exercising. But if you have only three minutes to spend on it, you have to be very fast.

Running is among only a few types of exercising that involves nearly every muscle in your body. It uses your legs (obviously), your back muscles to keep your body straight, and your arms to keep you balanced. Sprinting is just a fast-forwarded version of running, really.
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There isn’t much we can say about sprinting that you don’t already know. In the 3-minute scenario, you should try to be as explosive as possible at the start of the sprint. Also, don’t slow down until you cross the designated distance, as you want your muscles to be engaged for as long as possible.

Overhead Raise

Here’s is another variation of the dumbbell raise that was perfectly designed to help you build the size and strength of your shoulder muscles and triceps. Naturally, we’re talking about the overhead raise.

When it comes to isolation and focus, no other exercise from this list will let you do that better than the overhead raise. Plus, you don’t even have to be standing to do this move, as it only requires you to use your arms and nothing else.

Take a dumbbell in one hand and stretch it in front of you. Use your free hand to support the first one by resting your elbow on it and start pulling the dumbbell backward by bending the arm. Keep going until the dumbbell is behind your head, then return to starting position.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks, a.k.a. star jumps, a.k.a. side-straddle hops are the bread and butter of any good cardio workout. For you, it’s one of the best weight loss exercises you can do in under three minutes.

You probably remember this move as that jumping thing we all used to do as kids. But don’t think that it’s useless just because kids can do it – in fact, there are only a few exercises that are more efficient at weight loss than the jumping jacks.

Start this exercise by standing with your feet together and your hands resting down next to your body. In one motion, jump so that your feet are much wider than shoulder width and your arms are above your head all while keeping all your extremities straight. Finish by doing the same motion in reverse.

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