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Everything Buyers Need to Know about Smartphone Insurance

Gadget insurance has always been a matter of interest to users and buyers around the world. When you are spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive device, it only makes sense to spend a tad more on securing it against damage and loss. With new features, advanced components, and stunning screens, smartphones are getting better with time.

Smartphone insurance, in simple words, refers to an insurance policy that covers any damage to the insured smartphone. From accidental damage and water damage, to screen cracking, smartphone insurance can cover for a lot of things. The features or inclusions for smartphone insurance also depend on the brand. For instance, Motorola mobile warranty with an insurance company can be different than that of Samsung or HTC. In this post, we are discussing the basics of smartphone insurance before you pay for one.

Do I need smartphone insurance?

This is probably the most common question smartphone users have in mind. Answer yourself a few questions, such as-
  • Are you prone to dropping your phone time and again?
  • Are you clumsy while using a smartphone, especially the ones with large screens?
  • Have you lost many phones in the past?
  • Can you afford to replace the device immediately, in case of loss or damage?
  • How old is the phone? Or how much have you paid for the device?
Replacing your existing phone with a new one may mean an additional investment, which you can avoid with mobile phone insurance. Keep in mind that you only pay a small amount of such insurance, usually not exceeding $100 in a given year. Considering that you can delay replacement, smartphone insurance is the best alternative by all means.

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What does smartphone insurance cover?

Every smartphone insurance policy is unique, and the price paid is dependent on the condition of the phone. Some companies only have insurance for new phones, while others may offer insurance for both used and refurbished devices. Typically,smartphone insurance covers for the following –
  • Damage
  • Liquid spills and immersions
  • Theft or loss
  • Cracked screens
Keep in mind that the extent of cover does determine the price you pay for smartphone insurance. For instance, some HTC phone insurance plans may not cover for an unexplained loss.

How to use smartphone insurance when needed?

You will need to file for a claim, which can be done online. Some insurance companies allow you to place unlimited claims during the period of insurance, which is an added advantage. Once the claim has been filed, the insurance company will send details of the shipping address, where you need to send your damaged phone. Once the phone reaches the warehouse, repairs will be done immediately, and the phone will be sent back. Many smartphone insurance companies also have tie-ups with selected service centers, so you can actually take the device therefor replacement.

Finally, as for the price, extended smartphone insurance for two years always cost less, so if you intend to keep the phone, you can consider that option. Check online to find more about the best services for smartphone insurance.

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