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How Technical Thesis Statement Builder Helps You in Writing

Many students in various universities find it challenging to write a strong thesis statement either because of inadequate skills or lack of experience. If you are in such a situation, don’t worry! Now we have a free thesis statement builder that will help you write a better thesis and earn excellent grades in your studies.
Before we go further, it is crucial to understand the meaning of a thesis statement.
What is a thesis statement? It is an expression stated in one or two sentences at the end of the introduction to summarize the central argument of your paper.
In order to write a strong thesis statement, it is advisable to adopt a thesis statement tool. This is an online tool we have provided to help you write a perfect thesis with a minimal hassle.
How does a free thesis statement builder work?
The tool works by presenting to you questions that you are supposed to answer so that your statement is generated. The following is an overview of these questions and how you are supposed to respond to them.
       What is your topic?
To answer this query well, you need to express the key idea in your statement and refrain from justifying your point at this stage.
       Why do you think your topic is correct?
Give at least one reason to support the validity of your thesis. However, don’t use connecting words, such as “and”, “because”, “since”, etc.
       Are there any objections to your thinking?
If there are contrary views to your reasoning, briefly state them here. Also, it is crucial to include limitations to enhance the quality of your research.
       Can you justify your thesis with some facts?
Make sure to support your argument with facts in terms of statistics or any justification.
Reasons Why You Need a Strong Thesis Statement
The following is a brief highlight of the reasons why you need to craft a perfect thesis statement.
       It summarizes your paper and shows your position. Therefore, your readers can decide to read your essay or otherwise based on it.
       It contributes to the logical organization of your paper. You are, therefore, restricted to the subject matter without deviating from it.
       It reveals your position and explains to the reader what your paper will discuss.
       It sways your teacher’s opinion on your essay, and it can also determine your final score in the exams.
The Constituents of a Thesis Statement
A thesis statement is made of the following parts.
       A topic/main idea stated in one or two sentences
       Your justification for supporting the idea
       An objection to your argument
       Facts substantiating your position
Thesis Statement Example
The following example will help you understand what a thesis statement entails.
Although interest rate capping is suitable for ordinary people, the government shouldn’t enact the regulation into law. This is because the idea will negatively interfere with economic activities as provided in the theory of demand and supply.
From the above example, we can further explain the parts of a thesis statement as follows.
       Topic: the government should enact the regulation into law
       Justification for supporting the idea: the idea will negatively interfere with the economic activities
       Objection to your argument: Interest rate capping is suitable for ordinary people
       Facts substantiating your position: the theory of demand and supply
To sum up, it is crucial to write a strong thesis statement so that your readers may develop an interest in reading your paper and also be able to get excellent grades in your studies. In order to get a perfect thesis, it is advisable to use our free thesis statement builder, which is available to the public at no cost.

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