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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Luxury Home

Have you always dreamed of buying and living in a luxury home? If yes, then it is very obvious that when the time comes, you will be overwhelmed. Nevertheless, it is very important to keep emotions on the sideline and focus on certain aspects before investing your funds in your dream home. Luxurious residential projects like Rohan Abhilasha and Pride World City, which are constructed by renowned developers in prominent cities and offered at competitive prices, are sure to impress you.

However, it is in your favour that while buying a property in Pune, Bangalore or Hyderabad, you take into consideration factors like location, size, amenities offered and mode of financing for buying your dream home. Following is a list of all the important things that you need to focus on while browsing through properties, so that you can make an informed decision while investing in a luxury home:

Quality construction clubbed with modern aesthetics

The quality of raw materials used in the construction of a residential project like Rohan Abhilasha adds to the ‘luxury’ factor of the property. Added to that, the furnishings, fittings and accessories provided define a luxury apartment. The floor to ceiling height of a house should be at least 12 feet so that it gets the impression of spaciousness. The design of the false ceiling and the position of lights also add to the aesthetics of a house.

Amenities offered by the property

The amenities provided by a residential project decide whether the property will be called a luxury project or not. A 1 BHK flat in Pune provided with basic facilities like a bedroom, a hall, a kitchen and a bathroom with electric supply and water supply cannot be called a luxury apartment.

Some of the amenities that make a property luxurious include parking space, swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, walking and jogging tracks, yoga and meditation hall, children’s park, areas dedicated for indoor and outdoor games, landscaped gardens, security services with intercom and CCTV camera facilities etc.

Accessibility to physical and social infrastructure

While looking for a property in Pune or anywhere else, it is a given fact that you will not invest in a property that is located in the middle of a busy street. However, it will also not be a wise decision to buy a home in a remote location. Thus, you must select a location that is well within the reach of educational institutions, healthcare facilities, professional hubs, banks and ATMs, shopping centres and multiplexes etc.

Ease of commute to these social infrastructures is yet another factor to keep in mind. A property that lies well within the reach of transportation facilities like bus stops, railway stations and airport should be your priority.

Location of the property

Whether you are buying a 1 BHK flat in Pune or a luxury apartment in Bangalore, the location of the property plays a crucial role. If you decide to invest in a property that is located in the heart of the city, the snarled-up traffic and commotion will turn luxury into a nightmare. On the other hand, if the property is located in a remote location, social infrastructures will be out of reach. Thus, it is imperative to find the right location for buying a house to experience the luxury with ultimate peace of mind.

Hence, it is advisable that you look beyond flashy advertisements and brochures and engage in extensive research on the above-mentioned aspects before buying a luxury house. Should you need finance, you can avail home loans from Bajaj Finserv Homes & Loans to meet all your home financing requirements at one place. With these loans, you will also get in-person assistance for site visit and documentation.

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