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Dell Gaming Laptops: Buying Guide

While many gamers still prefer desktop when it comes to gaming, laptops today offer more than just portability. And a gaming laptop is a big thing that people have opened to, as it helps them play in a size that they can carry along.But what are the primary considerations to make when you buy a Dell laptop that offers amazing gaming experience?

While buying a Dell laptop especially for gaming, you need to know that you are looking at it with a built-in display and keyboard. Thus, here are some vital points that you need to consider while buying a Dell laptop for gaming purposes.

Tips to Buy Laptop for Students

1. What GPU you need

Gamers are GPU dependent, and you can’t update these in laptops. Having a good GPU will help you play games at high settings for the next few years.

If you don’t need to play on higher settings, you can opt for the GTX 1050 (entry level gaming) to help you play most games.

If you wanted to play mainstream games, opting for GeForce GTX 1060 is perfect middle higher settings to help you play most games.

However, if VR and highest settings are your preferences, you can let a GTX 1070 to help you play just about on the gaming horizon.

2. What specs you should look for

Once you have zeroed on a GPU that will be good for your gaming needs in a Dell laptop, you will also need to look for other specs to make gaming ultra-smooth:

CPU – More than a powerful CPU, you should look for a quality GPU as discussed earlier and opting for a CPU with Core i5 processor will be good.

RAM – Gaming will need a considerably higher configuration of RAM on your laptop. While a 4GB RAM is quite cool for a sturdy laptop, anything less than 8GB will affect your gaming experience.

Storage – Should you go for an HDD or SSD? Why not both? Budget gaming Dell laptops may come only with usually a 1TB of HDD. You will not see a combo of 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD working in tandem. You can also upgrade your storage later just like memory as it’s doable in most gaming notebooks.

3. What about the size?

While many gaming laptops are offering 15-17-inch screens, you can also see some huge 18-inch screens. However, what size you may like for the gaming purpose is a personal matter of preference. But, remember one thing – larger the screen, the bigger and heavier the laptop which may be uneasy to carry around.

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