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The Color Therapeutic Effects of Himalayan Salt Lamp on Eyes & Mind

Several centuries ago working in mines was like a death sentence but a few miners exhibited some immunity to lung infections. After some research, it was discovered that working Himalayan Salt mines boosted one’s immunity hence miners of these salts rarely did succumb to lung infections. Currently, everyone knows the health benefits associated with using Himalayan salt lamps. The lamps can remove toxins from the breathing system faster than some of the drugs you will find in pharmaceutical stores. The lamps have also been associated with therapeutic effects on the eyes and the mind because of their soothing color.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are a form of art that has been formed from natural processes believed to have begun over 200 million years ago. The salt is a composition of several important natural minerals that were used to heal ailments in traditional remedies like in ancient Chinese medicine. In this paper, you will find out about the therapy the colors of the Himalayan Salt Lamp offer to the eyes and mind. It is, however, important to know how to differentiate between fake and genuine Himalayan lamps since the fake ones will be toxic and harmful to your health.

1. Effective therapy for the seasonal affective disorder

There is static electricity all around us and these charges are the greatest causes of shocks that result in stress. The Himalayan Salt Lamp helps eliminate cortisol, a stress hormone, from the mind by increasing your adrenaline and making you more enthusiastic. The lamps are useful when dealing with people suffering from depression, panic attacks as well as general anxiety.

The salt lamp night light can be regulated to help eliminate the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is the common during winter. The lamp can be switched during the night during winter to help increase the amount of time one is exposed to an ambiance similar to that of the sunlight. As you know, sunlight time is very low during the winter and therefore, you can increase this time using the Himalayan salt lamp. The bulb should be left on when one goes to sleep. It is not advisable to use the humidifier together with the Himalayan Salt Lamp for obvious reasons. Interestingly, the eye of the human being is believed to absorb 98% of the sunlight while the body absorbs only 2% of the light. The Himalayan Salt Lamp will help you achieve this when the sunlight duration is low.

2. Counter Positive Ions Emitted by Electronic Devices in the House

Smartphones, televisions, and microwaves emit positive ions that bring about fatigue, stress, and irritability. The Himalayan salt lamps emit negative charges that neutralize those positive charges emitted by the electronics in the house. This neutralizing effect of the salt lamps refreshes the air in your space revitalizing your spirits.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps help boost the mood by affecting your brain in a positive way. Research has shown that authentic salt lamps also help maintain a healthy salt balance of the skin. Additionally, using salt lamps regularly helps maintain hydrated skin. The radiation from the electronic equipment in households is also reactive with the eyes. The neutralization effect of the salt lamps also helps keep your eyes healthy at all times. It is also important to note that the negative ions produced by the Himalayan Salt Lamps enhance oxygen flow to the brain the result of which is improved alertness, mental energy as well as reduced drowsiness.

3. The salt lamps help reset the rhythm of the circadian

The right color of the Himalayan Salt Lamp is very useful therapy for insomnia, sleep apnea and waking up in the middle of the night. Several studies have indicated that the short-wavelength blue light produced by electrical lights and gadgets suppresses hormones that induce sleep like the melatonin. The orange or reddish light of longer-wavelength produced by the Himalayan Salt Lamps is an effective stimulant of calming hormones within the brain that counter the effects of the blue light.

The lamps create a calming environment conducive for sleeping helping the room occupants to enjoy enough peaceful sleep. The salt lamps provide the kind of light that will help you relax after a long day at work. The effect of combining the color therapy of orange lights is very good on the physical body of any human.

4. Therapy by Aesthetics

The Himalayan salt lamps are also good in adding glamour to a house. They are perfect beautifiers and they bring the ambiance of a fireplace into the house giving it a soothing and calming demeanor. Living in such an environment helps brighten up the mood of the inhabitants of the house as they get lost in the illumination of the lamps. It helps to maintain a jovial mood among the dwellers of the house by keeping both their physical and mental health good.

The lamps light up the room with a cool illumination that does not harm the eyes since it does not produce any glare as with most electrical lights. It is, therefore, possible for one to stay alert in a room illuminated with the Himalayan salt lamps for long hours without complaining about complications of the eyes that can result from electronic lamps. It improves the harmony of the occupants of the people living in the room. You can consider combining several colors of the Himalayan Salt Lamp in one room and this will improve the beauty as well as the livelihood of the place.

Apart from the therapeutic effects of the Himalayan Salt Lamp on the eyes and mind of the user, the lamps are also helpful in keeping the breathing systems of the users healthy. They clean up toxins that may be absorbed in the lungs of the people that use it and there are many users who have admitted to experiencing good health from using the Himalayan Salt Lamps. It is therefore, important to consider installing several salt lamps in your house because of the many benefits associated with them in addition to the beauty they add to a room.

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