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Cerebral Palsy Disease and Spreading Awareness

Cerebral palsy is a kind of disease in which the victim got affected mentally and it creates disorder in the movement of different parts of the body. There is a different type of movement disorders can occur and degrees of severity.

Classification of Cerebral palsy disorder, folks, as for your best information the word “Cerebral” refers to the cerebrum of the brain and which is the important part of human body and even controls movements of the human body. And the other word “Palsy” refers to any kind of physical paralysis of movement in different parts of the body.

Cerebral palsy is not any particular disease which affects only any particular area or part because it is a mental or brain disorder so it can affect any part of your bodies such as complications with your body posture, your way of walking, the tone of your muscle and movement coordination in the same kind of body part. For example, a person who is suffering from this disease can face problem in his legs such as the movement of one leg is different from another. Children who are born with cerebral disease are prone to differently abled conditions like vision or hearing issue and which can only be cure with various types of therapy or surgery which is required as soon as possible.

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What are the symptoms of cerebral palsy disorder?

As we have mentioned above that there are different types of cerebral palsy disorder, so the symptoms of this disease are different in every other patient. The specific and clear symptoms an individual exhibits it depends on the type of cerebral palsy he or she suffering from also it depends on the affected area of the body.

However, there are few symptoms that are common in children with Cerebral palsy, and these symptoms and signs can be noticed by parents. Cerebral palsy needs to be check if the presence of the following symptoms:
  • You can notice improper muscle tones such as hypertonia and dystonia
  • Baby will face problem while movie their body part.
  • Baby can face difficulties while standing or doing any posture. It affects the capacity of balancing in the baby.
  • Difficulties with fine motor control
  • Poor digestion function

There is no 100% surety that only these types of symptoms can occur with babies. There are many different symptoms that we can’t notice just by seeing; we should take help from any doctor to investigate any sign of cerebral palsy.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy disorder:

Cerebral palsy is neuromuscular abnormalities which can be caused by the damage in the motor cortex while the development of the brain. This may lead to unbalance functioning such as the ability to move, grasp objects and talk.
There are few underlying causes of cerebral palsy in most of the cases are unknown but there are some certain risk factors that can lead a child’s health of developing cerebral palsy and they are:
  • If a baby born with low weight.
  • It can also because of fetal distress such as placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic fluid
  • Any other brain infection
  • If the baby has trauma after birth.

Awareness about Cerebral palsy disease:-

Yet, there is no perfect and exact treatment of cerebral palsy at this time, but there are certain ways and ideas to improve the quality of life of the person who is suffering from the cerebral disorder. We can’t do anything in this purpose except giving our time to the cerebral palsy organizations, we can also take participate in kind of events which are raising funds for differently abled people. Raising awareness are just a few ways from which you can help.
One of the best ways to help the people who are affected by Cerebral palsy is “Spread social awareness”. As we all know that the percentage of people using social media is very high. And social media is a huge platform where you will find a huge number of audiences at a time. So, it good to start posting and sharing your support for all those who are suffering from cerebral palsy using hashtags such as #Cerebralpalsyawareness.

Another way is quite important and necessary as well because which is about the way you interact with the people who are disabled. So, guys, first we should have to change our prescription and thoughts about people who are differently abled and let them feel that they are just useful as us and they are normal just like us.

The third step you can take is to start your own fundraising events. If you really want good for those people then you don’t need to give any excuse if you cannot able to find any fundraising event nearby your locality then you can start it on your own. And also you can let other people aware of this. The chain will start from one, don’t think they anyone will help you or not just start by yourself and definitely are manage to get people with you.

We should also give motivation to the parents whose baby is suffering from this kind of things. Because this is quite difficult to see their children disabled and they also can be fully busted in themselves and they need a proper guide. There are some parents too who cannot able to handle their disabled baby so they look for an orphanage but this is not correct. We should aware parents that every child is precious and need to treat without any partiality. 

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