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Hidden Spy App for Android Phone – BlurSPY

The tech users know about many spy apps but most of them have serious operation issues, lack the best features and most importantly can be detected by the target device. Today, we are going to tell you about the best spy app for android devices that works in the background and the target device will not identify it. This is BlurSPY app which is the best android monitoring software.

Features of BlurSPY

Features of any app make it worth the interest. BlurSPY has all the essential and best features for hidden spy app for android device or phone. You will get over a dozen useful features with this app. The details of the features are given below.

Managing Phone Calls

With this feature, the users of BlurSPY app can manage the phone calls on the target phone. The feature allows you to track the live incoming and outgoing calls. It also lets you record every call. You will also have access to the call history, phone numbers of the callers, the call durations as well as the time when the calls are made.

Tracking Text Messages

Tracking text messages is an essential part of a spy app. BlurSPY offers this feature for all android devices. You can check the text messages on your target phone with this app. All the sent, received messages with the text body and time will be in your access. Furthermore, you can block messages from any phone number by putting it into the blacklist.

GPS Location Tracker

You may also need to track the location of the target phone anywhere and anytime. BlurSPY app will help you in this regard by offering the best location tracker. With this feature, you can track the live locations and see where the phone is. It will also keep records of the weekly locations and places your target phone has been. You can mark some areas to get alerts when the person reaches there.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media tracking has become a dire need of the users. Parents want to check the social media apps of their kids and employers also want to keep eyes on the social media use of their staff. BlurSPY offers the best feature for social media monitoring. You will get access to their messages as well as see the friend list and what is shared from the target phone.

Screen Recorder

This feature live screen recorder of BlurSPY is pretty good. You will be wondering how this feature is useful and can be used. With this feature, any user can record the screen of the target phone at any moment. The app allows to record screen for unlimited time. You will see everything on the target phone. It allows to take screenshots as well during recording.

Multimedia Tracking

All the phones have some multimedia files like photos, images, audio files and voice messages. BlurSPY makes it possible for the users to check every multimedia files on the phone on which it has been installed. You will see the files, logs, images and any other files. The data is stored in the dashboard where you can access it anytime.

Record Surround Voices

Have you ever wanted to listen to the sounds in the surrounding of the target phone? Many of you might have. This is what BlurSPY does as well. You can bug the mic of the device and listen to their conversations and sounds in the surrounding. It also captures the pictures with the camera. This feature is really helpful for a lot of users like parents who are worried about the safety of their kids.

Why BlurSPY App?

Following are some reasons that will make you believe why BlurSPY is the best android spy app.

The app works in the background. In other words, it is a hidden app that the target person will never know about. It doesn’t have any icons nor does it consume power. It works like any other android app.

The BlurSPY app has affordable pricing and packages for all the customers. Even it offers special discounts for valentine day and other events.

You will get amazing customer service with BlurSPY team. They have 24/7 support for the customers and users.

The app has a small size and is pretty easy to install on any android device.

You can also remotely control the target devices with this app. This is the best feature most of the users want to have.

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