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Best Resale Avenues for Used Smartphones: Enlisting the Possible Options

With the growing demand for smartphone upgrades, the Indian consumer base is fast shifting towards the used mobile phone market in order to satiate the technological demands. Moreover, even the OEMs are bringing a lot of innovation to the table by launching high-end gadgets at frequent intervals. Therefore, individuals are constantly emphasizing on selling off the used devices for getting a sizeable discount on the new ones. Not just that, the Indian refurbished smartphone market is on the way up and the increased number of buyers in this segment is also attracting a lot of credible sellers.

How to go about selling a Used Device?

The mobile resale value is directly proportional to the brand name and feature sets and inversely proportional to the age of the gadget. Therefore, keeping these considerations in mind, it is important to zero in on the most rewarding avenue for selling off a used gadget. While selecting a platform for selling off a pre-owned device is completely at the discretion of the smartphone owner, the online avenues are more recommended, at least in terms of credibility, safety, and resale value.

Therefore, we would focus this discussion around the best online interfaces which the sellers’ can make use of for getting some good deals.

1. SellnCash

This is an extremely reliable platform that offers decent resale value on smartphones regardless of the device condition. While the interface is extremely lucid and highly intuitive, the concept of instant quotations is something that this online platform boasts of. SellnCash is a highly competent online buyer that promises great resale deals on mobile phones sans hassles. The reimbursement options are also simple and there are provisions for multiple payment modes.

2. Budli

For someone who is looking to sell off a used mobile device for an estimated cash value, Budli is certainly a good enough option. What’s interesting is that this online platform also supports multiple devices and even models which aren’t even relevant at this point of time. Even if the gadgets to be resold aren’t listed online, customers can directly contact the Budli customer interface for quotes.

3. Atterobay

All online interfaces which support gadget resale aren’t alike and Atterobay is the perfect example of the same. This platform supports gadget exchange in return of cash which can either be remitted in the form of demand draft or sent across as a bank transfer. The best thing about this platform is that all the security considerations are taken care of and high mobile resale values are guaranteed.

4. Karma Recycling

We finally have an online interface that accepts old gadgets, irrespective of the device condition. While the previously enlisted platforms mostly entertain used gadgets which are in decent enough condition, Karma Recycling has deals for every seller. Not just smartphones, this website also deals in used iMacs, and laptops.

Offline vs. Online

If a person suddenly shows up with a used device and puts forth a question like ‘where can I sell my phone for best price’, we would be more than happy to recommend the listed online avenues. However, there are many reasons for this apathy towards offline counters. A majority of offline buyers bargain quite a lot and it becomes difficult for the seller to negotiate with them. Moreover, data safety is also an issue which needs to be taken into account. The online selling options are tried and tested with a separate interface for sending out quotations. Therefore, the entire experience of selling off a device is hassle-free and extremely rewarding.

Before zeroing in on the best resale platform, the seller must take note of a few important factors Firstly; the seller must refrain from exchanging the old device for a new one as the discounts are meager in this case. Once this aspect is out of the way, he or she must only look to identify credible buyers. While we wouldn’t recommend sellers to completely shy away from offline sources, we would still ask them to conduct background checks, credibility analysis of the buyer, and identify diverse quotes before taking the final decision. In case the seller decides to go online, any one of the mentioned avenues can be selected for reselling the smartphone. At the end, it’s all about getting a good value for the gadget without taking a lot of undue stress.

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