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How to Stand Out With a Creative Video

As we already told you in other articles, the video format is the one that currently works best on the web. This obviously translates into a huge overcrowding of online content. Take for example the case of Facebook, one of the most used social networks. 

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There are hundreds of videos that the average user sees under his eyes (not counting the "spontaneous" video content of stories and direct). So how to stand out and get noticed, to stand out compared to other video content?

Watch so Many Videos, understand what hits you and why 

Want to give life to something that attracts the attention of the average user? So, before you get to work, watch old and new videos and evaluate what impressed you the most. Not necessarily in your industry, the important thing is to understand why one message works more than another. You must strive to identify the structure, the mechanisms and the emotions that aroused in you. Take advantage of what you have analyzed and keep it warm for when you have to try your hand with a subject. 

To better understand which type of video is best suited to your company and to the subject you want to communicate, at this link or at the bottom of the article you can download a small free guide, complete with practical examples. 

Useful Tips on How to Stand Out 

Before we get to the heart of the 'creative video' issue and talk about original subjects, original animations, storyboards, strategies, and scripts for creative videos, we want to talk to you about a couple of tips (tricks) that will benefit you. 

Bet Everything on the First Few Seconds

Your video has very few seconds of time to capture the attention of the average user before it gets distracted and moves on. In this way you will have lost a precious display. Your video talks about the latest Batman videogame? Let me know immediately. Try to play all your cards in the first few seconds of your video or send signals that clarify what you're talking about and make it irresistible to continue with the vision. 

Create a Video that Also Works Silently 

More and more users have liked and prefer the ability to browse the feed of their social networks in silent mode. If your video advertises your real estate agency and in the first shot you are there that you speak in the foreground, you are likely to lose all the views of users who have decided to browse the feed in silent mode. Consider then the possibility of inserting subtitles or, better still, make sure that the writings are an integral part and interact with the other elements of the video. 

Use the Right Colors 

A good strategy to emerge and stand out in the boundless sea of ​​video content can be to play on color. As a presence or as an absence. You can have many bright colors or a white background with a few elements (maybe colored). Everything is in dosing with full and empty art, colors and light. It is said that something "screamed" see more, maybe a small writing in the white field attracts more attention and differs from the others. 

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Original Subjects 

Once the user's attention is captured comes the hardest part: keep it. It's all about unpublished, original and interesting content. If you can hire a good copywriter who can write an interesting screenplay for the occasion and never forget to be clear, concise and direct, as well as creative. 

Short Story

The most effective way to keep your video hooked to your video is definitely to create a narrative. Try to be as short as possible, and when you think you've cut off everything you could, cut away another minute from the total length of the video. The narrative has a real hypnotic effect, especially if built with the right rhythm, in a creative and original way. The duration, however, often scares the user who can also decide to leave the video on the most beautiful ... do not give it the time!

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