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How to Reboot and do a Factory Reset of Nokia C9

Nokia C9 is one of the fastest android mobile phones comes from the popular brand Nokia. It has 3 GB RAM with octa-core processor. So, there’s nothing to compromise the speed and smoothness of this C9 handset. But sometimes by mistake, we may lock the phone and can’t open it properly. Then there are a few ways to run it again properly.

Sometimes the phone may be bit slower though it’s rare. Therefore, you may need to fresh start the old phone. There’s also a situation like this, you connected your device to a computer or the internet and virus have entered into the core part of the phone. Thus, your phone memory gets corrupted. Here, you may need to reboot or do a factory reset of Nokia C9.

So, how to reboot and do a factory reset of Nokia C9?

There are several ways to make your phone running like the newer one. Hard reset, soft reset, flashing etc. are certain ways to do so.

Hard Reset

Hard reset deletes all the data, user settings, contents etc. from the phone Nokia C9. You can bring your phone’s original factory settings via hard reset option. First of all, you should have back up of your phone’s data such as photos, contacts, messages etc. Otherwise, you may have to regret. When you are about to hard reset your phone, first connect the phone with a charger. Otherwise, the whole task will be malfunctioned if the battery runs out during the process. Its better if you keep your phone at least 60% charged before hard reset. Now go to your phone’s settings option. Select backup & reset, then factory data reset, then reset the phone and lastly erase everything.

Another way is to press the volume up the key with the power button in the chorus for more than 25 seconds. There will appear a root menu and offer you several options. Wipe data/factory reset – this is the option you need to choose from them.

You may do this by dialing numbers *#7370#. Then you will see “Restore all phone settings”. You need to select and then the phone will reboot. After restarting enter security code (12345 by default) of your phone.

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Soft Reset

If you don’t prefer deleting your information, and other files, choose soft reset of Nokia C9 phone. Dial #7780# and select “Restore all phone settings”. When the phone restarts, it will need to enter the security code or passcode (12345 by default). You can also do this simply by removing the battery for 15 seconds. Then re-insert the battery and turn on the device by pressing the power button.


Flashing is the ultimate solution if your phone can’t boot properly. This process deletes everything from your phone. Keep your phone without any battery for more than 15 minutes. Then press and hold the three buttons at the same time. These three buttons are Green dial button, Star button (*), Three button (3). Then switch on the phone. Hold the buttons till there appears any welcome screen. Then wait for the boot process.

There are also other ways to flash the phone. But you may need to be specialist on doing so. It requires phone flashing software and the process is harder. You may contact your vendor for this operation.

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