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Five Common WiFi Problems and a Solution to Fix Them

At this point, wireless internet is like electricity – you only notice it existence when it stops working suddenly. Then you react – then you panic – then you get frustrated. Here, we are here to fix all your issues instantly in just few easy and simple tips. Folks! The main cause of poor WiFi connection can be your router because it isn’t enough to exceed the internet range from doorfront to backyard of your house. Only Linksys range extender would be the final and ultimate solution. Well, the task of Linksys extender setup is not a difficult task.

For this, you just have to keep latest and updated firmware of router and the modem as well handy with you. Moreover, ask our technical department on toll-free number 1-844-726-2255 to Manually Configure Linksys Range Extender.

Don’t feel down – do not stress if your router stop working. There are bunch of unique ways to fix this issue that will surprise you. Below is the list of things that often go wrong with WiFi, and simple things to resolve this issue.

Sluggish or No Internet Access in Certain Rooms

WiFi is nothing but the radio waves that means your router can broadcast in every direction from a middle spot or position. If your main router is placed far away from your modem than you will never get internet range to the required areas.

So you wanna get rid of this annoying issue? If yes, then choose the best location for your router. Adjust its antennas properly. Do not keep moving it unnecessarily. Also choose a place to spot your router that is away from interference creating metal, Bluetooth, and electronic objects.

In case none of that works then opt for a Linksys WiFi range extender.

Poor Internet Connection Everywhere

If you are experiencing slow and sluggish speed of internet, then plug your laptop or a computer into your modem directly with the help of an Ethernet cable and test your internet speed using

Issue would be with your current wireless channel also. It might be overcrowded with other WiFi devices. The only solution to fix this issue is to change the channel number on your router as soon as possible.

If this also doesn’t work, then perform a factory reset process on your device. For this, you have to disconnect your router and plug it away from the connected WiFi devices. Grab a paper clip and insert it into the reset hole. Hold it for few seconds and after that release it.

Is the speed still down? Don’t worry because the problem is with your internet. For this, you have to ask our technical department for Support

Nothing Can Connect to WiFi

If you are totally helpless to connect to your WiFi, then plug in your device (computer or a laptop) into the router directly and see if you can connect in this way or not. So this process works for you? If yes, then your WiFi is the problem – if it doesn’t, then your internet and its speed may be down.
In that case, you have to reset your router back to its factory default settings. Press and hold the reset button on your router and after dew seconds consider releasing it.

In case this process doesn’t work, you may acquire to buy a Linksys extender and ask our technical department Support for

Connection Drops at Random Times

Here, let us ask you a question first. Is there some sorts of pattern? Do connection drops whenever you make use of microwave, cordless phone, juicer or mixer grinder? If yes, then it may sound weird to you that some routers have trouble with them, especially on 2.4GHz frequency on the other hand, network connection drops due to interference of third-party WiFi or neighboring devices.

Changing your Linksys Smart WiFi Router Password, its channel number and placement of your device away from doors, walls and windows might help. And if it doesn’t, try performing a factory reset process on your device.

Network Connects but there isn’t any Internet

Don’t take it as a tired tip, but resetting your modem and updating it by the latest version of technology might help in fixing your issue instantly. Plug it a little far away from your main router – shut it down for a short while and plug it again.

Apply the same process on your router as well after the gap of few minutes. Once done, connect a desktop or a laptop to your router and wait the power LED lights on it start blinking. Open a web browser and into the URL field type the default IP address of your device for Linksys Smart WiFi Router Login.

Smart WiFi Setup Not Working? Then opt for resetting your wireless device.

If you are facing trouble while Linksys smart WiFi login, then do not delay more in contacting our technical department.

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