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The Medicine Man for the Mobile Phone

Display Cracked, Battery Defective:

 If the smartphone goes on strike, it must go to the doctor. The expertise of the cell phone experts often learns their expertise through trial and error, as shown by the profession of the week.

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A brief moment of carelessness and already it does the smartphone the butter bread and falls with the wrong side on the floor. But while the sandwich leaves only a mess on the floor, the result of the mishap on the cell phone is often more serious. "Cracked displays are the classic among mobile phone repairs," says Thomas Schröder. He works as a mobile phone doctor and has to know it, because every day he gets to see up to a dozen such cases. Not infrequently, the cell phone specialist has to deal with low-power batteries, broken buttons or water damage.

Learn Cell Phone Repair Shop

Depending on the manufacturer varies the cost of repair. Some companies would design their smartphones service-oriented, so that a repair is relatively easy. Other models, in turn, are so complicated that even opening the case is a thing of its own. "Often parts are glued or expensive screwed in. For some models, the entire phone must be disassembled just to replace the volume control," says Schröder.

Even with the Spare Parts that is not so easy with some Manufacturers.

The problem: Sometimes cryptic component designations make it difficult to find the right spare part among the multitude of offers. In addition, it is often difficult to distinguish between original parts and replicas. Even for the expert, this is sometimes not easy. "Especially for important components such as batteries, circuit boards and displays, the quality is already important," says Schröder.

In principle, it is quite possible for laymen with a little technical understanding, craftsmanship and the right tools to do the repairs themselves. Guidance videos from the internet can help here.

The equipment is important for Schröder: Gloves, a suitable, grounded base and quality tools are a must for every repair. Often, however, as Schroeder speaks from experience, his customers would reach their limits in the repair and even aggravate an actually simple claim.

How is the mobile phone structured? How is the housing bolted? Which parts do I have to remove in order to exchange the defective component? And how do I finally put everything together again? "For many models, the repair requires a bit of experience," says the smartphone doctor.

The profession is not protected, even a standardized education is not offered. "The instruction is usually done internally in the respective company," says Schröder.

Know How to Mobile Repair at Home

Dexterity, craftsmanship and technical knowledge should be given as a prerequisite for the work. An apprenticeship in an electrotechnical area or a corresponding study are also helpful for the start. However, the requirement for employment is not relevant study or training for a job. However, according to Schröder, one should already have a fondness for electronic handicrafts in private life and in the best case have already put their hand on their own cell phone. "If you put your phone back together and get it up and running, then you're in a good position," he says and laughs.

Good Job Opportunities

The still increasing number of smartphones is also increasing the sales of specialized repair shops for mobile phones. Accordingly, skilled technicians are sought here. "Many mobile phone owners shy away from expensive and often lengthy repairs at the manufacturer, who then come to us," says Schröder.
Not infrequently, the employment as a mobile doctor in part time or part time. The work is also popular with students who want to earn additional money while studying. Meanwhile, there are also companies that send mobile phone technicians on a freelance basis directly to the customer for repair.

However, the boom also has negative aspects. In the fast-growing industry, many black sheep, who have insufficient knowledge of the subject, but still offer their services, are hopping around. "Many of them have looked at a few repair videos on the Internet and think they are qualified enough to do a good job," says Schröder. That suffers the entire industry.

As a shadow side of his job Schröder also calls a certain physical strain. So one works not infrequently over a longer period over the Handy bent in sitting. Apart from that, Schröder outweighs the positive aspects of his job. Depending on the phone and the case of damage, this is sometimes a real challenge, and there are always new models on the market, so you have to be on your toes and keep coming back inform again. "

Salary: depending on the level of experience as well as the previous knowledge from about 10 Euro gross per hour and more

Working Hours: The work can be carried out as an employee in mini or midijob, part-time or full-time and also on a freelance basis.

Education: No uniformly regulated education possible. The instruction is often done in-house by learni

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