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7 Things You Must Know Before Hiring Data Center

Everyone's is heading towards cloud nowadays. Virtually no IT discussion is complete without mentioning the cloud. But when it boils down to it, the cloud is not anything more than systems hosting data at a data center somewhere in this world.

Businesses have found the advantages of offloading infrastructure development, multiple coordinated power feeds, let alone backups, OS maintenance, and physical safety to the 3rd party information centers. Perhaps that's the reason why heading on for the cloud makes sense.

Not every information center is ready for prime time. Many of those have sprung up as part of a cloud-based land grab. Therefore, we've come up with some crucial factors that you must consider before hiring the data center to have your server placed in there. So let's dive in;

Data capacity 

Data centers must have great data transmission capabilities. Some feature multiple OCx& SONET connections that might manage huge online portal requirements. Other less sophisticated entities may try getting by employing redundant T-3s. Don't find out the though way that the data center supplier failed to adequately forecast capacity and may not scale rapidly.

Redundant power 

Most of the data centers have online backup for electricity just like UPS and etc. If an organization affirms business critical cannot go down, make sure that the data center has a 2nd electric backbone connection. If you're wondering how to protect against that catastrophe, the N+1 power grid connectivity to a secondary electric source is the best solution.

Backup Internet 

As it's essential for the tier 3 data centers to have appropriate power solutions, it's equally important to maintain secondary and tertiary internet connectivity. Sometimes, the buried cables get cut or the overhead cables might fall when trucks hit poles. Vendors experience network-wide outages in such cases. By making sure that multiple tier-1 Internet-provider circuits feed a facility through fully meshed backbones to do what they could to eliminate possible downtime.

Automated hardware failover 

It's simply great to have the redundant power, internet and cooling & heating systems. But if they're not configured as reliable online spares, you would surely come across the downtime. It is critical that data center you're planning to get along with employs redundant online switches, routers, UPS, and Heating & air conditioning equipment that will fail over when problem occurs.

Access control 

You must never overlook the physical security as it's equally important too. Things can get substantially affected and even ruined if just furious-guy checks in shamelessly with a large vehicle into a busy & very sensitive data center. That's why it's crucial that a data center's physical perimeter be properly protected. Moreover, not only the physical access controls like keys, scanning device cards, biometric devices are crucial, but also the data center must be taken care of in order to ensure that when someone gets access to a data center, the individually rented sections remain secure.

24x7 Support

Since we're talking about the Data centers, it has to be adequately staffed and thoroughly monitored by trained engineers & technicians at all times. Even though systems can't fail. But the consistent monitoring as well as maintenance are essential. For sure, the data centers will run leaner shifts especially during off hours, but phone support & onsite assistance has to be constantly available. Moreover, the data center services should be consist of client reporting tools helping clients in understanding a center’s network status.

Independent power

When we talk about the data centers, it's imperative to have electric grid connections. Most importantly, they must maintain their very own independent power supply. In most cases, the data centers switch to onsite diesel generators and have been successful enough to meet the data center's electrical requirements in case of a natural disaster or perhaps an episode that disrupts the site's other electric sources.

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