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7 Best Apps for Sky Mapping and Astronomy

Gone are the days when study of astronomical and celestial objects was an expensive and tedious process. In fact there were many people who loved stars and astronomy in general but couldn’t pursue their dreams because of money and unavailability of equipment to study it.

But Times have changed now. If you want to study astronomy you can simply download apps – most of them free. You can stargaze for hours and hours on your smartphone.

In collaboration with No Hassle Mobiles, We have made a collection of seven outstanding apps that you must download if you have into astronomy.

1. Stars Chart

Stars Chart is an outstanding app that focuses on stargazing. It is compatible with both iOS and
Android. The app’s working is very simple in working. After you download the app, all you need to do is point your mobile phone at the sky.

When you do that the Stars Chart lists down all the names of the stars that are coming in the mobile’s screen view.

Download: AndroidiOS

2. Sky View

Sky View is the very similar to Stars Chart but it has some distinguishing features. The app makes use of the modern technology called Augmented Reality (AR) system. It makes it easier for you to star gaze and also get information on various celestial objects.

Download:  AndroidiOS

3. Distant Suns

When Distant Suns, the information about 13,000 stars and constellations and eight planets. Overall, the app shows you more than 200 galaxies. It allows you to collect new information about far off worlds.

Distant Suns is the best app if you want to understand the universe in general.

Download:  AndroidiOS

4. NASA App

You do not need much explanation with this app. If you want to stay in touch in NASA updates and their future missions, you should download the NASA app immediately. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

The app also contains previously unseen images. NASA app is thrilling, informing and educational.

Also the app contains the all-important news and reviews.

Download: AndroidiOS

5. Pocket Universe

Pocket Universe is an app for iPhone users that allows new and amateur star gazers an opportunity to pursue their hobby and dreams. The app will give you all the hands on information about
constellations, planets and stars of the Milky Way.

The app also includes a compass. Through this compass, you can watch the celestial bodies and observe their various properties.

Download: iOS

6. ISS Detector

ISS Detector or International Space Station Detector is a brilliant app that is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. The app focuses on showing you the workings of the two Chinese space stations Tiangong 1 and Tiangong 2.

However, if the sky is not clear blue, you may not get to see the results you desire. So it is advised that you use ISS Detector on a clear day.

Download: Android, iOS

7. Star & Planet Finder

Star & Planet Finder is an iOS app. The app allows you to see beautiful sky views. The app shows stars, satellites, constellations and planets in the sky. The app again uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

You can share the information collected on various celestial objects on your social media accounts.

Download: iOS

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