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How Many Gardening Tools You Have

Here it is, a gardening tools list which can be very helpful in getting you on the right path to becoming an excellent gardener. It is important that you have the right tools for the job, but what attributes to the “right tools” have?

We will discuss this and more in this article that I thought I would write up to help you a little bit. The main motivation for this article is a recurring theme from my readers, “what tools do I really need in the garden?”.

High Quality Gardening Tools

As I asked above, what constitutes the right tool for the job? To me the most important thing about finding the right gardening tools is finding a tool that is quality and has a reputation.

Sure you might find some super duper gardening tools that twists and bends and can get in every nook and crack, but how long with this tool hold out?

Will this super duper state of the art gardening trowel actually get the job done day in and day out or break within a few months of normal usage?

We found to have the widest selection of high quality gardening tools on the internet.

The Internet Holds Real Quality At A Low Price

Sure, you can go down to your local store and buy a gardening trowel, rake, spade or garden hose reel, but chances are, you are getting something that is sub-standard. A lot of these “stores” put items on the shelves that they can actually make a great amount of profit on, while quality takes a back seat.

Using the internet to research and buy gardening tools is the best option that you have. Not only do you get access to a companies full inventory line, but you have the customer reviews right there to base your decision on!

High Quality Gardening Tools List

Below I am going to put a “high quality gardening tools list” which will give you an idea of the tools that you will need to “get the job done”. It is important to note that since this is a review site, I have read the reviews and am recommending the tools that have the highest quality, highest durability and have the most favorable customer reviews at


A gardening trowel is one of the most basic “must have” gardening tools, that’s why I put it number one on the gardening tools list.  These trowels are really helpful for small jobs such as planting bulbs and bedding plants in soil.  There are a couple of different blade materials you will commonly see.  I recommend a stainless steel version of the blade because it tends to stay cleaner and will not rust.

Gardening Rake

One thing that a gardening rake is good for is cleaning up.  Many times I will be pruning or cutting out weeds in my raised flower beds.  The real quick way to clean up is to grab the rake and move all of that debris to the front where I can easily access it and clean it up.

Another use that I have for a garden rake is for cleaning up mud that may get compacted down in between grass blades.  Often times around the front of my garden, some dirt will fall on the ground, and after some time of getting stepped on gets mashed down tightly.  A gardening rake is really great at giving the grass its “spring” back.

Garden Hose Reel

A gardening hose real really comes in handy, not only to help make things easier, but it also to keep your garden hose in tip top shape.  A garden hose reel either mounts to the side of your house, green house or it can come in the form of a hose reel cart.  I particularly like the hose reel carts because when you are done using your hose, you can move the cart into a shady area, which doesn’t allow the sun to dry out the hose and ruin it.

Those are some of the most valuable gardening tools that I use.  I hope you think about this gardening tools list and follow my recommendation on what products to actually buy. Again, I have selected above the most popular tools which have the highest and favorable customer rating.

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