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Boost Your SEO Ranking with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tools any business owner can use to advertise their business. It allows them to target the advertising dollars towards customers who are ready to buy and to tap into a constant stream of prospects searching for the products and services offered. However, in addition to using AdWords for getting paid traffic to your website, it can also be used to boost SEO.     

Here are some tips how you can use AdWords in SEO.

•    Keyword Research
The most significant use of AdWords for SEO is to research the keywords. Keywords form the basis of any SEO campaign and regardless of the possibility that you are an expert in your niche, you should always emphasize on researching keywords. This is important because users frequently search for unexpected keywords that you may not have thought of. Needless to say, what matters most for high rankings is which keywords your target audience is searching for, not which keywords you think are the most popular in a particular niche. In order to find what people are searching for, you need to hire Top SEO services in Melbourne. SEO experts have knowledge and expertise in researching the keywords related to your niche and shortlist the relevant keywords that have a decent global search volume. The shortlisted keywords are the ones that have the least competition in Google but with a higher ratio and then they are optimised. After all this, running an AdWords campaign is beneficial.     

•    Choose Keywords Carefully
After you have selected the keywords and ready to run the campaign, it is essential to verify that do these keywords really work for your business, i.e. do they convert properly? Regardless, of how precise you have been while picking up the keywords, chances are that if they are not tested, you can never know if they work well or not. You can pick lucrative keywords with high search volume and low level of competition and still end nowhere. For example, if you have a cupcake business you can try to optimise “best cakes in Melbourne” keyword, but this would take a lot of time to reach the first page on Google and still you can never be sure this will happen. However, if it did work it did not bring the desired results because the bounce rate was very high and your business sells only cupcakes and not cakes so the users searching for this keyword might not find you. The result is not surprising but the price paid is. In this scenario, AdWords campaign works best and saves you a lot of trouble and money as well. With AdWords campaign, it takes only a week or less to figure out the bounce rate of the keywords and spare a year of wasted SEO efforts.   
•    Get a Better CTR
AdWords is a valuable tool not only for keyword research but for getting a better CTR (Click Through Rate) with the existing rankings. Your business might rank well for a given keyword, get a lot of traffic but still may be unable to adapt this traffic because your CTR is low. The reasons for this might be inadequate title and description. AdWords can help you get a better CTR with existing rankings. For example, you can run AdWords campaign and if you are satisfied with the conversion/performance, you just need to keep changing your ad title and description until you feel you have reached the maximum CTR for your keywords. Indeed, it might take couple of tries till you find the winning combination of a title and a description and you might even lower your CTR in the process but once you find the combination of a title and description, just copy them as the title and description for your page in order to maximise your organic search CTR as well.
Google AdWords management is really valuable not only for advertisers but for many publishers and SEO experts.  It truly helps to enhance and boost SEO rankings and provides you valuable insights and save you a lot of time and money to optimise for keywords.

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