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Best iPad Apps For 2017

Even though Apple didn’t make any major announcements about its iPads in last couple of events but still iPad remains to be one of the most used gadgets from Apple. But, in order to use your iPad to its full potential, you really need to power it up with some of the best iPad apps available on App Store. Here we have tried to detail a few must-have apps for your iPad and you should definitely not miss out on these to have a rocking iPad experience.

  1. Overdrive
If you love to read books and often visit your local libraries, you’d love Overdrive for sure. The app brings ebooks from local libraries to your iOS device. You just have to connect to a library and then you can be able to check desired ebooks available from that library. The app also allows you to even return the books right from your iPad. Books can be put on hold and you can get notifications when they’re ready for the checkout. Above all, the entire functionality is available completely for free.
  1. Notability
Yet another note-taking app, Notability allows you to handwrite the notes rather than typing them from the iPad screen. It’s a perfect app for those who own the latest iPad Pro as well as Apple Pencil. You can handwrite, sketch, type, cut & paste, and record the audio in your notes. The palm detection feature allows you to write notes while your hand rests on the iPad screen. In fact, that’s how most of the people handwrite and the feature makes sure that Notability doesn’t get confused with that. The app can be downloaded only for $5.99.
  1. Duet Display
Those planning to use their iPad as their Mac/PC companion can find this app really helpful. Duet allows you to turn your small iPad display into a big screen. There is almost no lag time as the devices are connected with the help of Lightning USB cable, rather than Wi-Fi or any other wireless technology. When connected, it is possible for you to drag browser tabs, files, and a lot more to your iPad screen. Furthermore, it is possible to use trackpad, mouse and touch screen gestures as well for interacting with anything that you find on second screen. The app is available for download at $9.99 only.
  1. Hulu
If you love to stream media on your little gadget, Hulu should be your first choice. The app gives you access to wide-ranging movies and TV shows without any need of a TV or a cable connection. Everything comes to your tab with a small subscription fee. Currently trending TV shows can be enjoyed right on your iPad just after a day when they are aired. The content available on Hulu really makes it worth paying the monthly subscription fee. And, if you already have a subscription, all your history, queues and favorites will make it to the iPad as well. The monthly subscription for Hulu ranges between $7.99 - $11.99.
  1. OneDrive
The cloud storage from Microsoft is a perfect solution for those who love to keep their stuff on a cloud or want an easy solution to keep everything accessible on all their devices. It can also be quite a handy option for transferring important data between devices. Signing up for OneDrive gives you 5 GB free storage and you can augment that to 50 GB a month for $2/month. The app even allows you to work on Office documents from inside it. Besides, your photos are tagged automatically and they can be shared from OneDrive as well. The app even gives you access to your files when you are offline, making it easier for you to work when you do not have access to internet. So, subscribe today and enjoy lots of online storage for your iPad.
So, if you’ve just bought your new iPad, pick a few from the best iPad apps for 2017 mentioned above and gear-up for a perfect iPad experience.

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